We all know that quality content matters most in this modern digital environment. Online paraphrasing tools become very helpful for writers over the years to generate impressive and engaging content that targets a massive audience. The advanced AI algorithm of the paraphrasing tools took a dynamic change in the internet world, which improved the communication and writing skills of the writers.

Is there anything more efficient than instantly making your paragraphs more unique and interesting?

How Does Paraphrase Tool Work?

Before moving on to its features, I`ll explain to you how it works and how you can use it.

Online Paraphrase Tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You paste the content into the input section and click a button. This rewriting tool analyzes the whole text, and you’ll have a fresh version of your content in seconds. You can also upload a document of 1000 words and this tool improves your document using AI. Notice: in some applications AI written content is not acceptable, so use it carefully.

Paraphrase online tool improves the content by adding new vocabulary words, in one of five modes. These modes are basic, elegant, productive, premium, and enterprise. Using the modes you can toggle between more creative and more professional formulations.

Paraphrase tool also arranges broken sentences and generates new sentences while the meaning remains the same.  It also changes difficult text into readable text, removing passive form and parasite words. So, with the help of paraphrase online, you can create clear, concise, and error-free content. Do check the output of the tool. AI can be great, but it is still prone to stupid mistakes.

Basic, elegant, and productive modes are free, but premium and enterprise modes are paid and offer more professional formulation.  One of the premium features is plagiarism detection. So even when you do not pass the AI-generated content test, your text will look original and unique.

The online tool processes short texts immediately. You can edit up to 1000 words for free; if you need to edit more, paid versions are available to suit your needs.  This is a clear tradeoff, as longer texts require significant processing time.

50+ Languages Capabilities

Paraphrase tool supports 50+ languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian. Not all languages are trained with the same efficiency. As long as the language is popular and the language model saw many documents in that language you should probably expect decent performance.  You need to check specifically that the professional terms and professional language are preserved in your language of choice.

Basic Mode

If you’re looking for an authentic way to rewrite or rephrase text without changing its meaning, the Basic Writing mode is a good option for most users. Basic Mode is also known as Default Mode. The purpose of Basic Mode is to give you accurate rephrases of sentences that look natural. It is free to use.

Elegant Mode

The Elegant mode is a great way to polish your writing and show fluency. This writing Mode is perfect for those who want to make their content more engaging and somewhat fancy while maintaining the same meaning. This mode is also free to use.


Premium mode is a paid mode that is developed to make the content appear as human-written and free of plagiarism. This mode of rephrasing is for bloggers, copywriters, and marketers who want fluency and efficiency in their content. This mode was optimized to pass AI-generated content tests. The result is usually good enough to fool a detection algorithm.


Enterprise mode is another paid version of rephrasing text. The most important benefit of this mode is a respectful and professional tone, as used in corporate communication.


The website also features several articles that may help you write better. Check for example this set of tips.


Paraphrase tool Alternatives

Grammarly is the best alternative for paraphrasing. Grammarly also spellchecks, arranges sentences, and gives a unique look to content.

Some other options include

  • Jasper
  • Wordtune
  • Copyscape
  • Grammarly
  • Quilbot
  • Spinbot


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