Which Glass Contains the Most Water? Challenge Your Visual IQ.

A visual puzzle or visual brain teaser is a fun activity to stimulate your brain. It sharpens your logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

In this blog post, we will bang your head with an amusing puzzle: “Which Glass Contains the Most Water.” Here you can discover your IQ score by attempting an official IQ Test.


The Given Puzzle

In the given image, you can see the four glasses of water with four different objects placed in them. You have to observe the picture carefully to find out which glass contains the most water. Before solving this puzzle, you need to think about the objects placed inside the glasses. Let’s start with a better understanding.

Examine the Image Deliberately

Before solving any puzzle, you must think about the patterns, links, causes and effects, and correlation of the water with the objects. The best way to solve any puzzle is to analyze each image one by one. You should write a short description of the images to know the exact happening. Let’s describe images!

Image A: Here, a glass of water with scissors.

Image B: In this image, you see a paper clip placed inside the glass of water.

Image C: This image depicts a rubber in the bottom of a glass of water.

Image D: This image shows a battery placed inside the glass.


Science Behind Puzzle

In this puzzle, the weight of the objects placed inside the water will determine the solution.

As you see, four glasses have the same water level with different objects. According to the Archimedes principle, “buoyant force acts on an object submerged in a fluid always equal to the weight of displaced fluid”.

The Solution

In this puzzle, the paper clip has the smallest weight and size and displaces the less fluid. So, the answer is B.


Final Word

To sum up, visual IQ puzzles test your cognitive ability and analytical thinking. Such puzzles help to think out of the box and activate your brain. If you want to boost your critical thinking, there is no other more impressive option than solving visual IQ tests. In the above-mentioned puzzles, you find the scientific solution to the given puzzle. If you cracked the puzzle successfully, give yourself a standing ovation! If you want to improve your IQ score, you must take an official IQ test every day.


It is high time to present your interested puzzles or insights!



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