One on one coaching with Anna vs other resources

Once a year, we emphasize the role of 1:1 training with Anna. As every year we are asked to explain the advantages of coaching over video courses, I will give it another try,

What is the added value?

The 1:1 with Anna is something pretty unique. Literally, this is the best we can offer. The success rate without 1:1 is often below 60%, as people tend to misunderstand and make mistakes.  The one on one training allows Anna to perform very accurate diagnostic, checking your focus, your eye motion, the distribution of the words you decide to remember and many cues I will not mention here. Due to her experience, Anna can predict and prevent critical training mistakes BEFORE they happen. This increases the success rates to above 95%!

Do not miss the seasonal deals

We offer several seasonal deals with bulk session discount. For example, right now we provide the September “back to school” discount of 40% for 5 sessions 1:1 bulk. This is a great deal. If you do not have the money right now, we will offer another great deal on Black Friday. These are the best deals we offer, so I suggest to use them. There are good deals every couple of months,  but none as dramatic. Do not expect any other discounts: the prices are set globally and equally for everybody who needs our help.

How many sessions do I need

Most students need between 4 and 10 sessions, two sessions per month.  Each Skype session is 60 min long. This means you can spread your sessions for 2 months or even 6 months based on your ambition and training preferences.

When we came with our first courses, Anna gave 120 hours of 1:1 training. Now she usually gives 5 hours. There are certain things, we improved, and certain things we transferred for you to do at home. You are expected to buy and read the keytostudy audiobook package or one of the masterclasses on Thinkific. You are also expected to do 30 min of computer practice and 60 min of reading per day, following our recommended schedule.

What are the alternatives?

While nobody is quite as skilled at diagnostics as Anna, quite often you do not really need feedbacks. You can buy hours upon hours of videos featuring me speaking relatively cheap. Then you can build up expertise. The memory masterclass focuses on remembering a lot of things for a very long time, and the emphasis is on what makes us remember for more than a couple of days. This is the main skill needed for medicine or science. The speedreading masterclass focuses on getting things done, including reading speed and productivity (correct multitasking, flow and such). This course is more suitable for everybody else: businessmen, programmers, managers. Each masterclass is very intense with many hours of video training.  If you have questions, I will be available at [email protected]. You will get some unique resources and proprietary tools, but only Anna can provide you with diagnostics.

I took many other courses, why this one is different

What Anna does every day is extremely hard. It is scientifically proven that the faster people acquire knowledge, the less they remember. We found a way to revert this phenomenon. In fact, the faster you read THE MORE you will remember. How we do this is our trade secret. We talk a lot about many things and are usually very open, but not about this part. I will only say that it includes several proprietary elements that need to be applied in a very precise order and timing.  This is not something that can be learned without feedback.

Is there a schedule?

Honestly, there is no schedule. Some people come with very good control of all the elements, after learning on four-five memory and speedreading courses. They need to understand better some basics and streamline their technique to reach higher achievements. Others come with near-zero understanding and need to learn the ropes FAST.  Programmers and engineers are great with mindmaps and flowcharts, using them for everything. Everybody else probably prefers mental palaces and maybe use mindmaps to organize the text structure. The visualization methods are also vastly different, with some people preferring funny creative stuff, while others applying personal memory or logical connections. Some people take one session of individual training per day, while others can handle four sessions (6 hours) of training.


Guaranteed satisfaction

Rather than providing a schedule, we ensure the best treatment for everyone. If you are not happy after 1 session, you may ask for moneyback for the rest of the sessions.  If you took 5 sessions and are not happy with your achievements, we will give you the sixth session free of charge. If there is one emergency during the learning period, you can leave us for up to three months without negative consequences. For those who do not have the cache right away, we allow paying in three installments.  When you have questions, you are welcome to write to me. We ask every student to say honestly what they think about the program. I plan soon to publish the students’ testaments.

How do I start?

The 1:! with Anna is our premium brand, and it offers a unique exeperience. Do not be shy. Please contact me: [email protected]. I answer all the emails personally.

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