Bilingual superlearners

Many of the super-learners are bilingual. Each of the course authors is fluent in 3-6 languages and can speed-read in 2-3. We have students in nearly 100 countries speaking many languages. These students are proud of their multilingual abilities and their achievements. Below are some discussions from the course pages.


Hi! First of all, I’d like to say I’m enjoying every second of this course so, THANK U!

Now, I have a question. My reading speed, according to the text and instructions, was only 190 wpm (luckily English is not my mother tongue, LOL) and my score in the quiz was 62.5 points – is this the retention/comprehension score?

I’ve got a CPE in English and have been a teacher for over 13 years… do you think I’d still benefit more from practicing in my own language?

Thank you!!

Viviane (Brazil)


Thank you for your kind words. If you would like to leave a review for the course, appreciated. I do recommend to train first in your mother tongue and then retrain in a different language.

Initially I trained in Russian, and when I retrained for English there was a small adaptation period. My speedreading in Hebrew is not very good [800wpm], and I cannot speedread German or French. The reason is the brainpower dedicated to processing each language. When working with a different language the brain allocates a dedicated set of neurons, and you have a lot neurons allocated to your mother tongue.

ou should try different things and see what works best for you. I suggest you to practice both languages.

Typically bilingual people learn language skills somewhat slower, but with higher success rate and proficiency. So I would recommend patience.

David S.

Just wanted to share my experience, so far, improving my reading skills: I’m a native Spanish speaker, but most of the reading i do is in English, so I decided to practice and develop the skill in the context I’m most likely to need it: English texts.

Until now, I have almost doubled my reading speed in English, but i noticed that when i read in Spanish I can actually go faster. I could measure it using one of the links in the bookmarks, but i would still miss the comprehension part so i think it could be misleading.

Bottom line: It might be a good idea to push oneself to speed read in one’s second or third language to further improve the first 😀

Bilingual superlearners

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