Speed reading startups: Spritz vs acceleread

We are trying to find the best cross-platform speedreading apps for you. Unfortunately most of the readily available apps are just not good enough for you.


Has anyone heard of Spritz? Seems pretty cool. I was able to go through 500wpm easily on their demo. http://www.spritzinc.com/#

Dr. Lev Gold 

We discussed it extensively a month ago both internally between us and externally with our students and friends. Finally on 20 Mar Jonathan issued the following announcement:


A note on newer “Speed Reading” Software

Many of you may have seen the latest app from Spritz, Inc, which went viral last week. This new app claims to help users “Speed Read” by displaying one word at a time, centered on the screen, at 200-500wpm.

Many of you have emailed or posted questions asking about this new tool, and so we thought we would reach out to our students and let them know our thoughts.

As those of you who’ve completed the course will no doubt know, this is an ineffective method for a few reasons

  1. The app does nothing to improve a user’s memory capacity
  2. The app does nothing to improve comprehension speed or to suppress subvocalization
  3. Showing one word at a time fails to train the eyes to expand their focus
  4. Relying on speed reading software leaves us helpless in a world that is still heavily paper-based
  5. The app is not yet integrated with the things we must read daily, such as newspapers, blogs, or email
  6. The app’s max speed is still significantly slower than successful speed readers, who usually reach 700+wpm

In our course, we recommend using the “Spreeder” tool, as it allows you to gradually train your focal width and has higher speeds.

In light of this recent article, we are also going to begin recommending the free “Acceleread” app for iOS. Of all the apps we’ve tested in the last 3 months, Acceleread is best in-line with the goals of this course, namely:

  1. Allowing the user to split the page into 3 “saccades” or columns
  2. Allowing the user to import reading materials effectively
  3. Allowing higher top speeds
  4. Providing games and training for actual speed reading learning

We hope you found this announcement helpful, and we’re sorry for the long post.


Speed reading startups

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2 Replies to “Speed reading startups: Spritz vs acceleread”

  1. I’ve tried Acceleread it’s really good. It also calculates your reading speed. I’m on 4th week training with your superlearner course and improved to 285 wpm and increasing slowly. My biggest difficulty is speed of visualizing markers and subvocalization. Sometimes I don’t remember the markers I used . I don’ t know if it’s because they are not good enough or if I’m doing something wrong.

    1. There are many sorts of markers. The markers Jonathan discussed in Udemy course work best for him, and are good for ~70% of students. Try to search this blog for markers that come more naturally for YOU.

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