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Prof. Anna Goldentouch and Dr.  Lev Goldentouch are experts in superlearning, memorization/memory techniques, speedreading, creativity and many related life-hacking areas. Their course with Jonathan Levi is one of the best-selling courses on Udemy and Udemy CEO personal choice. On this site they publish free of charge some of their ideas, insights and premium content that is hard to find in any other form. This site will also hold discounted links to premium related material. Readers are encouraged to asked questions and get detailed answers  on any learning and life-hacking subject.

Update 6-May-2014:

Some links were added in resources section. This first selection of links is more suited for our Udemy students. We will be adding links shortly.




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  1. I am currently working full time, have just started my own business and also study Business full time online. I want to be able to go through and also obtain all this information I have to learn and process. I also have a passion for language learning but have no time in my current schedule. I would love to do one on one training with you.

    I am willing so much to work hard so I can change the way in which I learn to benefit my whole life.



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