Multicolumn saccade formatter

You can practice reading texts in one, two or three column saccade. I do not recommend going above 3 columns. Personally, if your computer allows, I recommend 3 saccades on 1000 px lines.

Line width pixels.
Number of saccades
1 column
2 columns
3 columns
It takes a lot of time to develop useful exercises. Please support this effort.

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8 Replies to “Multicolumn saccade formatter”

    1. Thank you.
      We are not modifying games on the site, but porting them to mobile instead.
      Specifically, the saccade formatter is not a widely used game and your issue can be easily fixed.
      You can zoom in the browser 🙂
      zoom in ctrl + (plus sign)

  1. I have typed in a paragraph two times, but both times it deleted the paragraph on its own, without my delete button press. I clicked activate but nothing showed.
    Thank you.

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