How do I train each day?

Many of our students ask: how much should I train every day and what exercises should I do? The Udemy course comes with a big section of games, some of them also can be viewed at  this blog’s resources. You can spend as much or as little time playing various games as you want – this is up to you and has very small correlation with your success in this course.

You will get great results if you spend time actively practising the following things:

  • Visualization, markers and linking. This can be practised  as standalone exercises:  visualizing photos and art pieces, trying to remember long lists of items and scientific facts, trying to memorize the phones of your friends and the  car ahead of you. Alternatively, after speedreading material you could write it down for long-term retention (days or weeks), and methodically create stronger makers and more interesting links. At the beginning you should spend around 4 hours a week on these tasks to get real progress, later on spend 2 hours a month to keep in shape or your skills will deteriorate.
  • Speedreading. At the beginning you practice preparation and retention till you get retention above 90%. Then you suppress subvocalization and practice till you get 400wpm at 80% understanding. Then you use Shultz tables for wider viewing angle and saccade methods till 800wpm at 80% retention. Afterwards you try to experiment with varying your reading speed between 300wpm and 3000wpm based on the prioritization of the content till you get around 1600wpm at 70% retention on average. Then you just read a lot. You should speed-read at least 8 hours per week to progress and at least 6 hours a month to  keep in shape.
  • Information handling. Once you feel free with visualization and speedreading, you can pretty much superlearn anything you want. Develop themes that interest you, read blogs and scientific articles, try to retain conversations and videos, try to learn new skillsets. You should try to process information at least an hour per day during learning, and as much as you want afterwards. The skill is highly addictive!

Anna has her own set of tricks for everyday practice. I will try to get her notes and organize them into additional posts.

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