Why you should take 1:1 with Anna

We invest significant efforts to make all the resources you need to learn readily available.  However,  there is only so much a reasonable person can learn all alone or even in a workbook. 1:1 skype lessons with Anna [notice, it is paid and not cheap] is the most effective way to learn. Usually, I say that one hour with Anna is worth at least 15 hours of independent practice and here is why:

1. People make mistakes. It is very hard to notice your own mistake. Often one bad mistake requires a week or two to wipe and reacquire the right habits.

2.  A trainer can monitor the progress. We can drive ourselves too hard, focus on wrong things, give up a moment before we succeed. Training with an experienced professional, we increase the  chances to succeed.

3. Everybody is different. There are several strategies for all of the skills we develop. In each case, we fit a strategy for a person. It is practically impossible to describe all of these cases on keytostudy. Anna can fit the specific method for you extremely fast.

4. A tip of the iceberg. A huge part of communication is hidden. You can read all of our books and it will be great for you to understand the subject. If you hear Jonathan’s lecture you will generate a feel for the subject. If you learn with Anna you will master the subject.

5. Follow-up. Some of Anna’s graduates are offered advanced materials and free mentoring.

Anna has a very busy schedule because her students are happy and her methods successful. However, it is definitely worthwhile to wait for a time slot and attend 5-10 sessions with Anna. Hundreds of Anna’s students may testify!




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  1. I remember Jonathan mentioning something either on FB or on Udemy about some upcoming possibilities for training with Anna as well. What’s best way to get into contact (and find out the costs). Thank you

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