New minicourse on Udemy and a 30% deal on Thinkific

I just published a new keytostudy minicourse on Udemy. For the next couple of days, the discount coupon code is KEYTOSTUDY10. If you take the minicourse and write a favorable review please let me know.

Additionally, until the last week of August, you can enjoy a 30% deal on the products we offer on Thinkific ( using the coupon code SUMMER2020. We also extend the 30% discount to 1:1 with Anna.

The KeyToStudy minicourse

The keytostudy minicourse contains several basic lectures from my book, memory masterclass, and speedreading masterclass.  It is an intermediate step between our basic courses and the masterclasses. While it can be taken by itself, it is best to take this minicourse after completing any other training we offer.

Do not be fooled by a small length of videos within. The videos are very dense in meaning and supplemented with book sections and other texts.  And while this course is intended to “open your mind”, 90% of what you see is very practical and useful.

I have been offering this particular minicourse on Thinkific for a year before extending the offer to Udemy. This step is a part of a larger strategy, since I also plan to offer a keytovision minicourse in a similar format, hopefully still in 2020.  If everything goes well, I also plan some sequel minicourses in 2021. Keep your fingers crossed… Please notice that people in my mailing list will always get the best offers I can provide, so if you did not register, please consider it.

The Thinkific bundles

Honestly, I have more plans than resources to implement them. The Thinkific bundles are definitely a good example for that. I currently offer four full masterclasses.  The keytostudy brand covers memory and speedreading+productivity, while keytovision brand addresses self-help+visualization, investment.

I definitely plan to add courses. The main limitation here is my video editor. He has a day job in a news company and his attention span is limited. If he is not called for some super urgent job, he will finish 8 more courses till March 2021. I have already recorded some of the courses, and I am waiting for him.

So I have several products on Thinkfic:

    • Welcome bundle, intended to “open your mind”
    • Full access. This is a sort of investment in my ability to provide further courses. I will be adding courses and raising the price.
    • The monthly subscription to keytostudy/keytovision.  This is a sort of compromise if you need full masterclasses but do not have the money.

The monthly subscription is also my “bank” from which I provide gifts to the students that are loyal to the brand. If you have full thinkific access, I tend to provide 1:1 with Anna instead.

I plan to add more courses soon. The keytomeaning courses are intended to be relatively cheap, with hobby+guitar course planned this summer.

The missing sections

For each course, I have a list of missing sections, like the memory demonstrations for the memory course. I really want to record the missing sections and add them. So far, other plans kept me away from this. Hopefully not for long. Once I finish recording all the masterclasses, I will switch to the things I promised to myself but failed to deliver.

With that in mind, I might also reorganize my existing courses. For example, the speedreading+productivity course will probably be split into two separate courses. The productivity part belongs more to the keytovision brand.

Additional materials

Due to the extreme pressure I imposed upon myself in the course generation area, the other materials are still crawling. I definitely remember that I need to rebuild the app for iOS after the last Xcode update fiasco and I am working on new books for keytovision and other brands.

It’s all a part of a big pipeline:

  1. Research online
  2. Write articles
  3. Create a course
  4. Build training tools
  5. Write a book
  6. Make a minicourse
  7. Add demonstrations
  8. Generate marketing materials
  9. Fill in the gaps

You probably noticed that my articles tend to cover significantly more subjects than my courses. Currently, I am focused on the third step…

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