Calculate saccade width

In many exercises we ask you to input saccade width in pixels. The saccade width in pixels can be calculated from the actual saccade width that would appear for example in a newspaper.
With average line width of 1000 pixels, a typical computation is as following:
Basic level = 3 columns = 5 words for column on 1000 px template = 300px per saccade
Intermediate level = 2 columns = 7 words per column on 1000 px template = 450px per saccade
Advanced level = 1 column = 12 words per column on 1000 px template = 900px per saccade
Notice that some displays have better resolution and some words are longer than other words [depending on language]. Please go to Saccade formatter and see if the calculation needs to be modified for your device and language.

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