Brain Food For Studying To Survive Exam Season

If you have been asking around for tips and tricks to concentrate on your studies, you will often hear, ‘try brain food for studying.’ But are all these claims about nutrition and its assistance with studies true?

In short, yes!

Have you ever wondered why you cannot concentrate on your studies after multiple tries? Yet, you have the zeal, the interest to learn and score more, and the willingness to sit with your textbook.

You have even tried to study for a few hours only to feel extreme fatigue and lie down after a little while. This is probably because your brain is short of fuel. Water, sleep, and good food.

Why You Need Nutrition For More Brain Power

Oftentimes during exam season, we are unable to give our brain enough refreshment with good sleep. Maybe a few power naps here and there, but a solid eight-hour sleep is not always possible.

Surviving on caffeine is not the only option. A limited amount of caffeinated drinks is all right, but that shouldn’t be the fodder for your brain. So, here is why having nutritious food will help you study longer and more efficiently.

– Nutrition is not just for your physical strength, but also your mental strength. Therefore, enough Vitamin A, B, and Omega 3 is not only the fuel to the engine but also provides assistance to memory and increasing comprehension power.

– Certain green leafy vegetables are known for preventing cognitive decline, which generally happens after too much brain function (which generally happens during the exam season).

– Anxiety is very common during the exam season, but did you know along with mindful practices, brain food for studying can also help you reduce anxiety? Some anxiety-reducing foods include fatty fish and eggs.

However, if you want a whole list of brain food that can help you get into the groove of studying, then keep reading.

Brain Food For Studying

Upon consulting students who have been studying for some of the toughest competitive exams and a few nutritionists, we have made a comprehensive list. These are safe to snack on, or you can make a meal out of them.

1. Nuts For The Good Fat

Nuts are an excellent snack when you want something to munch on but do not wish to get habituated to junk food. Afterall, exam season doesn’t mean you stop thinking about your body.

Some of the common additions to the diet would be almonds since they can fulfill both sweet and salty teeth. We would suggest you buy the plane-roasted one from the store and season it according to your taste bud.

Not only are nuts a good way to get good fat which is a storehouse of energy. They are high in protein but which assists good brain function. Some studies have even shown that munching on walnuts helps you in interpretation and memorizing verbal knowledge better.

2. Citrus Is The Way To Go

When someone is under the constant pressure of a study marathon, mental decline is more common than you would think. After a few hours of studying, your brain will seem maxed out, like you either cannot memorize or cannot comprehend anymore.

Psychologists would suggest you take a power break of ten minutes and rest your eyes and look at something peaceful. On the other hand, nutritionists will ask you to munch on some nutritious snacks.

Citrus prevents mental decline, as they protect your nerve cells which are at the peak of their activity during study marathons. So, if you find your cognitive skills faltering, wake it up with some delicious citrus brain food.

3. Delicious Smoothies

Brain food for studying is important, but no one said it has to be something bland and tasteless. You can give your brain some fuel along with satisfying your taste buds. A sweet spot (quite literally) would be healthy smoothies.

Two of the prime advantage of smoothies are:

– You could make them in a matter of minutes. So, not wasting time making an entire meal. The less time you waste, the less time for procrastinating.

– They are already a full meal packed with antioxidants, protein, greens, and taste, which helps you release stress.

Find some of the best smoothie recipes that delight your taste buds from Smoothieness.

4. A Little Chocolate Doesn’t Hurt

This brain food is the perfect loophole between junking and eating something healthy. If you are a fan of chocolate but do not want to gush in the sugar, which can eventually make you sick, you can opt for this healthy option called dark chocolate.

However, the benefits don’t end with your taste buds. Scientifically, these are high-flavonoid items that can help in better mental function than any other less-flavonoid item.

On the other hand, it is a better substitute for caffeinated products, as drinking cocoa will also help you to stay awake.

5. Fish For That Literal Brain Power

Omega 3 is the key to better memory performance. You could be lacking in a certain section, and it might seem a little hard to remember because we all have our Achilles heels when it comes to studies.

However, changing your diet and adding more fatty fish to it will eventually help you increase your cognitive skills. Certain brain foods for studying, like fish, are always encouraged.

A study has shown that daily fish intake has increased memory function among tested Japanese adults. Furthermore, surveys have even proven literal betterment of grades when it comes to more Omega 3 in the diet.

Studying Is Preparing!

Brain food for studying is important in preparing yourself for better study sessions. Along with food, you will need some rest, especially if you are looking at a screen to study most of the time.

You wouldn’t have to rush at the last minute with better preparation. Start with making a good schedule. For this, you have to start early and cannot leave it for the last minute.

– Meal plan for the entire study session. Ingredients, recipes, days, and everything so that you do not waste time thinking later.


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