16 Best Educational Films for Students

It is not a secret that there are certain films in each class that you can focus on, and each of these films can help in some way. It all comes down to understanding why these films are very useful and can allow you to get very good results. Also, for best results, we advise you not to be afraid to ask for help if your assignments are too difficult. For example, on the assignment writing service like EssayShark.com, you can order a sample of an essay written by a professional writer. They will do any kind of task for you quickly and efficiently.

Now let’s figure out which films are suitable for students studying different subjects.

  • For future lawyers

“The Devil’s Advocate”

This is a mystery drama based on the novel by Andrew Neiderman. Kevin Lomax is a young lawyer who is known for defending only bad guys and never losing a case. In addition to the legal background, the story tells about a personal tragedy that often happens in the families of lawyers.

“Legally Blonde”

A comedy is based on the novel of the same name by Amanda Brown. The film touches upon the theme of stereotyped thinking of people. Nobody believes that a glamorous blonde in pink can make a good lawyer.

  • For future doctors

“A Good Doctor”

On the evening before Christmas, all the specialists went home, and only Serge Mamou-Mani remains on duty. On the next call, the doctor pinches his back, and unexpected help comes from the courier, Malek. Serge hands the guy headphones for communication and sends him to the patients for calls. The fake Aesculapius receives instructions from a distance, which leads to funny situations, and sometimes to real panic in Malek. A film about a doctor will appeal to fans of light French comedies.

“To the Bone”

A film tells the story of a talented artist, Ellen, suffering from anorexia. The creative person is obsessed with her own weight and ignores the threat to health, but relatives understand that the girl may die. Ellen goes to the clinic of Dr. Beckcham, who uses non-traditional methods for treatment. A difficult patient has a difficult path to finding herself, but the result is worth the effort.

  • For future scientists

“Einstein and Eddington”

Philip Martin directed “Catherine the Great” and co-directed “Murder on the Orient Express” and “The Crown.” In the BBC/HBO drama “Einstein and Eddington,” he shows that science is beyond politics for scientists. At the same time, it cannot but depend on politics. Two geniuses are willing to change this situation for the sake of the future of mankind and a great discovery. A physicist Albert Einstein puts forward the theory of relativity in the midst of World War I. Almost everyone – except for the astronomer Arthur Eddington, who undertakes to confirm the theory, underestimates the new idea. Then the researchers started correspondence – forbidden, dangerous, exciting, and, it seems, capable of changing the ​​time and space idea.

“A Beautiful Mind”

The point of “A Beautiful Mind” is that nothing is impossible for a person. The film reveals the tragedy of a scientist, drugged by a thirst not only for discoveries but also for fame. Schizophrenia causes him to periodically lose touch with reality. Nash, desperately fighting the disease and his demons, emerges victorious in this fight.

  • For future entrepreneurs

“The Founder”

This film is based on real events and tells the incredible story of how the legendary McDonald’s was created – the world’s most famous fast-food restaurant chain. You will learn the bright and mysterious story of Ray Kroc, who turned from a failed salesman into a billionaire and a legend. The plot of the film is very unpredictable; in terms of passions and unexpected twists, it can be compared with the best thrillers. The film shows how an ordinary person could change an entire industry with the help of his intellect and the right skills.

  • For future speech therapists

“The King’s Speech”

What could be more terrible for a stutterer than to become king on the eve of a great war when the main weapon is the voice, and the people are waiting for fiery speeches? A story for a serious movie, but more remarkable is that the story is real. For those who have watched The King’s Speech, the plot is familiar, but, as in many Hollywood films, the truth is sometimes embellished or, conversely, important points are kept silent. What really happened, and how was the fate of George VI and Lionel Logue?

  • For future financiers

“Inside Job”

The recession in the global economy, the loss from which was estimated at 20 thousand billion dollars, resulting in the loss of jobs and homes for several million people. Through interviews with leading figures in the political and financial world and journalists, the movie reveals the terrible truth about the birth of the criminal industry and its networks that allowed us to bribe politics, economic regulators, and the academic world. This film will be really helpful for those who study finance.

  • For business students

“The Social Network”

The Social Network was a huge hit ten years ago. This film is about how Mark Zuckerberg, a young billionaire, creator, and owner of Facebook, earns worldwide fame. The film is based on the 2009 book “The Accidental Billionaires” by writer Aaron Sorkin. The dialogues in the film are intense, varied, realistic, and well-written. The Social Network won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

This film is rich in various uses of English speech. In addition to the everyday “student” English spoken by Zuckerberg and his fellow students at Harvard, The Social Network introduces you to the harsh, emotionless language used in today’s corporate world.

  • For math students


A group of people, who are in no way connected with each other, unexpectedly find themselves in an unusual cubic room, each face of which is equipped with a hatch leading to another room of the same kind. The only difference between the rooms is their color and the presence of a variety of murderous traps. Together, these five are trying to find the key to the exit from this gigantic structure.

  • For art students


Andrew is a talented drummer with clear signs of narcissism. Fletcher is a tyrannical orchestra conductor who is trying to find his Charlie Parker. Noticing his young talent in the class of a second-rate ensemble, Fletcher invites Andrew to the “best in the USA, and therefore in the world” orchestra to play notes for the main drummer. By a lucky coincidence, Andrew manages to take place on the throne, but the newly-made king does not realize that in Fletcher’s state, the head of the drum kit has no power.

With a wave of a drumstick, the rehearsal place turns into hell – Fletcher adds fuel to the fire, and the main goal of the “idiots who do not know the rhythm” becomes the right to win back their own cauldron. The orchestra leader justifies his behavior by the great goal – to reveal the musician’s talent through psychological pressure, criticism and stress. After all, this will not break the real Charlie Parker; on the contrary, it will make him stronger.

  • For sport students

“No No: A Dockumentary”

In the summer of 1970, a pitcher of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, Dock Ellis, went to visit his friend in Los Angeles during a break between matches. For several days, the guys spent time drinking hallucinogens and stimulants, drinking alcohol, and listening to Jimi Hendrix records. Until one day, Ellis realized that today – in the midst of an acid trip – two games await him. He took to the pitch and played a no-hitter – the best match of his career. The documentary is dedicated to these events.

  • For psychology students

“The Silence of the Lambs”

FBI agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) consults with the caged genius cannibal Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) in order to track the killer Buffalo Bill and save his last victim. But in conversations with Starling, Lecter is much more interested in receiving information than sharing it.

  • For history students


Great Britain, 1554. The eldest daughter of Henry VIII, Queen Mary, a zealous Catholic, dies, and young Elizabeth (daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn) becomes queen. She is forced to part with the joys of will for the sake of influence and solidarity of Great Britain, whose autonomy is threatened by Spain, France, and the Father of Rome. Elizabeth decides on the most desperate and unforeseen measures, as a result of which she remained in the history of Great Britain the greatest queen and the most brilliant woman.

  • For computer science students

“The Imitation Game”

If we consider it simply as a film that is not based on history, then the film is amazing: the actors’ play is excellent, there is nothing to complain about – I felt all the pain, despair, happiness, and other emotions of the heroes (there were moments when I laughed heartily and when I wanted to cry); the scenery and costumes are harmonious, nothing embarrassed or hurt the eyes; the story is completely clear, and there is no confusion in the head (if you watch it attentively).

I hope that the films presented will help you study and make it more interesting.


Eva Castleberry is a freelance content writer. She is interested in a wide range of fields, from education and online marketing to personal entrepreneurship. She is used to handling many writing orders at the same time and understands the importance of writing clearly and concisely. She has been a contributor for Essayshark since 2018.

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