Rebalancing life and work

We all want to live happily and yet to achieve something in our life. This is called work-life-balance. Here is my personal experience from the last several months.
One of the issues that I want to focus on is finding again the balance between work and life. First of all: why did I loose the balance?

Well, every new beginning arguably needs a “critical mass” of effort. This spring, as my younger daughter was 6 months old, I change my job once again and changed my weekend activity once again. Both proved to be a lot more demanding and rewarding than I originally expected. The new job started with me being in a center of a small crisis, slowly working my way to better technological solution. The blog required me to write 100 articles within 3 months – otherwise it could have easily disappeared in on-line noise. To make things harder I needed to deal with some parenthood challenges, occasional rocket alerts, my wife finishing yet another degree and many other small issues that the life consists of.

Writing a  blog is hard. It requires a lot of time, it challenges creative potential, and the need of self-discipline in face of invisible reader is overwhelming. I do use speedwriting methods, and my research skills are very good, and yet it took me every Saturday to complete writing the required 7 weekly posts. I did not have enough time or motivation to take proper care of myself [gym] or my blog [SEO/SMO], while building up the initial body of material.

So how do I find my way out? I used the summer vacation to start several other activities. Their intermediate results are integrated within the blog: exercises, some GUI tweaks etc. I limit the minimal content updates to 1 post every 5 days.  This way I finally have some of my time back. I do need to produce 300 posts before the blogs appears on SEO.
Keep your fingers crossed for me. I will keep writing you my true and unfiltered experiences.


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6 Replies to “Rebalancing life and work”

  1. From one invisible reader, you’re efforts, commitment and willingness to share are all greatly appreciated. Thank you to you and the team.

  2. Dido 🙂
    I am just at the beginning and to see this wealth of material is a bit overwhelming. I have to keep reminding myself: one step at a time!… Thanks Lev!

  3. I Would like to say thankyou as well Lev, I enjoy reading your blogs and visit the key to study website frequently.

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