Markers for hardware and software

Some of our students need to create visual markers in specific fields of knowledge. Hardware and software are very specific fields of knowledge that require specialized methodology of visualization for engineers and programmers. Below is a discussion attempting to deal with this issue. Question: I’m having troubles creating markers for technical materials such as hardware/software manuals and […]

Neuroplasticity – the ability of our brain to rewire itself

Neuroplasticity is the ability of brain to adapt itself. When we change our learning habits we rewire the brain. Some students want to know more about the ability of the brain to rewire. Below is an-depth discussion of the subject. Question: How can anyone “rewire” his/hers brain? Answer: Scientists call this ability neuroplasticity.  Scientists have […]

Superlearning math formulas

Mathematical formulas are especially difficult to handle. Math is basically a different language that explains complex relationships between abstract objects. It makes no sense to visualize math as you would visualize history. My personal approach comes from data analytic and is graphical: there are various mathematical forces that bend graphs in various ways. Understanding why […]

How to generate visual markers on-the-fly

Generating markers slowly is not good enough for speedreading. Generating markers fast requires certain level of skill. Our beginner-level student do not know how to overcome the controlled visualization speed limitations. When the students are ready, we teach them to reduce the level of control and enjoy free associations. Below are some discussions from our […]

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