Advanced superlearning course

For years I have been teaching the “advanced” course and yet I had only a handful of students.  Advanced course teaches high-level visualization, linking large amounts of information, prioritization of information, powerful prereading and other interesting superlearning techniques. What is not a part of the advanced course The “advanced” course does not handle speedreading and […]

Healthcare memorization and mnemonics

Healthcare information requires large amount of memorization. Our students need to remember body parts in foreign languages, complex functional behaviour of these body parts, historical facts related to various body functions… The methods for remembering medicine, chemistry and biology are a combination of methods for remembering foreign languages and methods fro remembering historical processes. Barney […]

Chunking and linking markers

Our students learn to manipulate with visual markers they  create, often relying on trial and error. There are at least two operations on visual markers that create basic knowledge representation: chunking and linking. Chunking deals with structuring information into manageable chunks. Linking deals with defining relationships between chunks and within chunks. Below is a discussion […]

Choosing the order of markers to represent text

The right order of structuring markers represents the right order in which we remember information. Building proper relationships between various details requires logical understanding of the text. The student may choose simply linking the visual markers, creating mind- mapping trees, or creating more complex visualization. In any case, the student should be prepared to correct […]

Superlearning math formulas

Mathematical formulas are especially difficult to handle. Math is basically a different language that explains complex relationships between abstract objects. It makes no sense to visualize math as you would visualize history. My personal approach comes from data analytic and is graphical: there are various mathematical forces that bend graphs in various ways. Understanding why […]

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