8 Reasons to Improve Your Writing While Studying at University

We all had a fair selection of writing classes at school and in the Universities. Most of these classes were very poor. From the writing classes I took in the University, only one was decent and practically useful. Yet, University could be the best place to learn writing skills for some. In this guest article, Daniela McVicker explains why it worth to search for good writing classes at University.

Writing has become mandatory in most university’s curriculum. When you are a student, you most probably get overwhelmed by all the courses and homework you have to do. However, even though you don’t realize then, all the courses you attend to have a great impact on your career and professional development. It may be that you won’t use all the information accumulated during university. But, one thing is certain. If you manage to develop advanced writing skills, you will see how much they will help you in many areas of your life and career. They will help you stand out of the crowd and consolidate your path to success. This article will outline the top reasons why you should do your best to improve your writing skills during university.

Improves your communication skills

“Words do the difference in every aspect of our life. Thanks to words, we can give a meaning to our life and the world around us. People need to transmit information from one to another. So, they need to know how to communicate to make things happen. Words are the ones that keep the world moving in the same direction”, says Eliane Williams, content director at Top Essay Writing. After you graduate and get your first job, you will understand how important communication is to build trust, close business relationships, and retain customers.

Written communication is a very important tool, especially in a work environment. Whether you write emails, letters, social media content, newsletters, or you just write a thank you note, it is important to be a master of written communication. You need to be clear and concise if you want to transmit trust and professionalism. Therefore, developing and understanding the importance of writing skills while you are a student will help you a lot to close business deals and draw in your customers.

Most jobs require good writing skills

Whether you want to become a teacher, or a lawyer, or a businessman, you need to possess good writing skills. It doesn’t matter how senior or junior your position would be as you will still need to communicate. What is more, given the technology evolution that we are facing nowadays, you will surely communicate a lot via emails or using messaging tools. Therefore, if you want your peers to understand more about your projects and what you need from them, you have to know how and what to write.

Furthermore, in university, students are trained for four years or even more how to be professional in writing. You cannot make your team trust you if you do grammar mistakes and you write unclear messages. Thus, it is important to pay attention during your writing classes and try to get the best out of them. You will see that all this time spent in classes will pay off in the end.

You develop your intelligence and critical-thinking skills

When you apply for a job, you will see that the recruiters usually assess your experience and practical skills. In general, writing experience is extremely valuable in the working world as it shows superior signs of intelligence and education from your side. Especially when we are talking about the corporate field, writing experience is necessary as it happens weekly, if not daily. Of course, everyone can write some paragraphs and send an email with instructions. However, if you really want to show your professionalism, you need more than that.

Writing well is not an easy thing to do. Imagine that you will have to prepare presentations or reports to support your projects and results. This is why the years spent in the university are extremely valuable when it comes to writing. When you are an advanced writer, you are able to structure your ideas better. What is more, good writing kills come as a result of reading and researching. So, the way you write says a lot about your education and potential.

You leverage your credibility

What would you prefer? Do you want people to trust you and see you as the go-to person with whom they can discuss everything? Or would you prefer that people to avoid you and have doubts whether to talk to you? Obviously, the first option is the best, but this doesn’t come without efforts. When you become a professional, you understand that the space for trial and error is very limited. So, you need to do everything you can to be perfect and meet people’s expectations.

Even though this doesn’t seem to be connected to writing, in reality, it really is. What we say and how we communicate tells a lot about ourselves. Just think of a simple example. When someone sends you an email full of typos and grammar errors, what do you think about that person? Would you trust him or her? You would have some doubts, and this is perfectly normal. So, do yourself a favor and master your writing skills while you are a student. This is the best period to do so as you don’t have too much to worry about.

Writing helps you stay connected

How would you feel if you were not able to talk to anyone? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Writing helps you send your messages to the outside world. Good writing skills will help the others understand what you want to tell them and how you feel. Even though you are behind a computer, the way you write can reveal a lot about your feelings.

When you write well, and you know how to make your point, then the people around you will understand you better. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about friends or clients. They all need to understand what you want to transmit. During university, you will learn different types of writing and you will develop your sense of judgment and creativity.

Helps you establish your arguments

When you are a student, you need to start learning how to establish your arguments. This is a skill which is going to help you a lot while you are a student, but also in the practical world. What is more, this is a skill which will not be taught in university. You will learn this type of skill by practicing a lot and developing your writing skills to the maximum.

In addition, you will discover how important this skill is during your last year when you have to prepare your dissertation. Every dissertation or research paper starts with an argument. So, before you reach your final year, you will have plenty of time to develop your writing skills and become the best at it. When you will start your first phrases and talk about your argument, your professors will immediately see how much you have advanced or not. If we extrapolate this idea some years after graduation, you will understand that in the professional life, also, you will need to start with your arguments most of the time.

You are good for business

When you become an expert in writing, this means that you are very creative, and you can adapt to any situation. What is this telling a recruiter? This means that you have good ideas and you will be a valuable asset for their company. For example, a good writer finds it easier to excel in marketing, politics, journalism, or advertising. So, if you are passionate about these topics, you know what you have to do during university.

A good writer shows a very solid education and high attention to details. What is more, a good writer is also a good reader. Therefore, it will become easier for you to scan a text and understand the entire idea behind the text.

You can become more influential

We already established that writing helps you build your credibility in front of others. So, now think, how much can a credible person influence the others? Quite a lot, isn’t it? Writing helps you speak your mind and develop your persuasion skills. When you want to influence a person, you need to show confidence and find your arguments really quick to convince the other do what you want. Therefore, if you develop your writing skills during university, it will become easier to build your influential position. Whether you are passionate about marketing, or you will build your career in a more technical field, you will still need to convince others about something. Therefore, you should know how to choose the appropriate words, do your research, and compose a clear message about your products and services.

Writing is one of the skills which does not only make your life in university a lot easier, but it will also help you a lot in life. We live in a world where communication plays an important role. Whether we use formal communication or informal, we need writing to express our opinions and make our statements. Therefore, you need to treat writing as a very important skill if you want to become a top professional once you graduate from university.

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor at Top Writers Review. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is travel and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experience.

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