Visual angle training

One of the best training methods when learning saccades is called “Shultz table”.
By focusing on the number in the centre of the box and clicking on the number outside of the centre anyone can improve the periphery vision to handle longer saccades. Be careful to rest between sessions, so that your eyes do not hurt!

Saccade width pixels.
Number of candidates candidates .


wiki Visual angle training

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13 Replies to “Visual angle training”

  1. I love these exercises! I notice on a few of them (including this one) that settings changed revert to a default every time the game is played (for example, I set it to 25, click “Activate” and when is back to 11 after clicking OK). It would be possible to do more practices in a shorter amount of time if this were changed. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lev,

    Thanks for these games, they are very useful.

    Have you thought about writing some phone apps?

    I can think of a number of benefits to do so.

    1. Students who are serious will not blink at purchasing several games at $1 each, or a multi game for several dollars.

    2. Students who dont want to purchase games can always continue the free ( donation) online games.

    3. An app would allow the user to be offline to practice. The refresh times between rounds would improve. The saccade pixel area would be standardized for the device used.

    4. The app could collect statistics to demonstrate improvements over time.


    1. As you can imagine this particular thought has crossed my mind..
      Full-time job in a startup company + new projects with Jonathan + building and maintaining the blogs on superlearning and on investing ( + having a family with 3 kids = very little time for further projects.
      I am looking for someone to make and market the mobile app with me since September – I hope that eventually I will find this partner. Contact [email protected] if you think you can handle the task.

      1. Hey Lev! Love your work! Have you found a programmer for this project? I ask for two reasons:

        1) I would like to purchase the apps when available

        2) I am currently learning to program, however my programming skill isn’t at the level that these require. I would like to take the opportunity to do this with you if I become skilled enough by the time that you find someone!

  3. Another great exercise thank you so much!

    I would love to know though how I’m comparing to others and what level I should be aiming for in terms:

    1) Saccade width
    2) Number of candidates
    3) Speed to find number

    For example what would a typical super learner choose and score at?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm. This exercise is a variation of so called Shultz tables. Typical tables are 5×5 (25 numbers) and you find all 25 numbers within a minute. Since this particular variation is of my own design, I do not have qualifying statistics yet. I thing that 2 sec for 25 candidates is an important milestone, but you should improve. Saccade width is more a factor of your favorite display size…

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