Technology Will Take Over the Many Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals

Technology serves as a medium to connect Doctors with patients, teachers with students, lawyers with clients, businesses with customers, and that’s it. There is no harm to any profession for replacement.

It has become the most said and misunderstood dialogue all over the internet that Technology will replace professionals but have you ever dived into the depth of this dialogue? Perhaps, No. In this article, we will understand the hidden meaning of this saying meticulously to find out the accurate meaning.

How Accurate is the Statement: Technology will Replace Professionals? 

We can see a variety of apps and webs are being developed to ease the pain of humans across the world. However, the boost in the development was observed when covid-19 hit the world like a deadly virus out of nowhere in the year 2020 and scared the hell out of us. In the same year, the technology geared up and accelerated itself to fight against the destruction resulting from covid-19. As a result, the technology shook hands with different professions all around the world, and it was decided to collaborate to serve humanity in the best manner possible.

So, the statement needs to be corrected from technology will replace professionals to professionals who will collaborate with technology to unbox the impossible.

How is Technology Growing with Different Professions?

In the present era, each profession is dependent on technology. On the other side, technology is doing exceptionally with different professions… this is how!

Teachers Collaborating with Technology

Did your children take online classes during the pandemic? Did you conduct virtual classes from home?

Yeah, the modern classroom is shifted on gadgets while the technology supervises. Likewise, the wide-ranging educational institutes have turned the whole process of academic activities into online classrooms. So, the question arises will technology replace teachers and professors?

A Clear NO!

No matter how far and beyond the technology will go, it can’t replace teachers. A teacher and brings enlightens students’ lives with knowledge, information, guides, and teaching experience make them the mentor for a student. Teaching is such a noble profession that teachers are considered to be the role models for students and encourage independent thoughts and independent learning with their actions. They influence and inspire the students and shape their mindsets with extensive knowledge so that the students can take part in improving society.

Therefore, technology acts as a medium to connect people associate with the teaching professionals and students while all educational activities remain the same. Not only is this in the bucket, but today, we can sign up with multiple educational apps and webs containing different digital notebooks, tutorials, and courses. Right from the city to the village, education and knowledge is just a click away. Moreover, today’s generation loves technology and e-learning. Therefore, technology can upgrade the modern educational system and engage more students than ever before by helping the teaching-related entities achieve their goals.

Doctors Collaborating with Technology

Today, doctors harness technology as a leading tool to connect with patients with just a click away. About 85 % of healthcare leaders consider adopting technology and implementing digital products in the healthcare sector could tie to long-term strategies which will assist them in improving services to the patient’s side. According to Statista, in 2020, the valued size of electronic health records (EHR) reached approximately 29 billion U.S. dollars. It is also estimated that the market size of EHRs globally is projected to reach over 47 billion U.S. dollars.

In this regard, Telemedicine and Telehealth are significant components to make the technology and healthcare professionals’ collaboration fruitful. Telemedicine permits doctors and healthcare leaders to evaluate, diagnose and check patients at a distance with the help of telecommunications technology. The modern age brought profound changes in each area of professions and life. According to the WHO  (World Health Organization), Telehealth includes “Surveillance, health promotions, and public health functions.” 

On the other hand, telemedicine involves communications and software tools that provide clinical services to patients without having them visit physically. Instead, telemedicine technology remotely offers medical services through secure video and audio connections.

Telemedicine leverages both entities in the following way.

For Patients

  • Instant appointments and checkups.
  • Zero travel expenses and time consumption.
  • Safe from exposure to other contagious patients.
  • Easy and fast access to specialists.


For Healthcare Leaders

  • Increased revenues.
  • Fewer missed appointments.
  • Better and efficient interaction with patients.
  • Medical access for people in rural and urban areas.
  • Eliminates childcare.

Lawyers Collaborating with Technology 

Technology has not ignored the law and lawyers behind as serving other professions. On the contrary, legal tech has enabled professional lawyers to conveniently automate and operate like the business sector. For instance, lawyers of modern edge are required to set up their profile and law services on the digital platform, and they will be visible to the clientele. Once both parties negotiate the cost, lawyers can offer their services.

Technology enables lawyers to work remotely via telecommunication. Today’s lawyers are facilitated to find clients within no time and offer law solutions to wide-ranging clients using instant messaging, email, web conferencing, etc. clients can easily find their relevant lawyers to solve their cases and eliminate the need of going to court, which saves time, energy and cost.

Legal Tech Advantages 

  • Automate discovery of evidence and boost up the process.
  • Offer leveraged analytics.
  • Simplified Case Management.
  • Regulate clients’ and lawyers’ conversations.
  • Enhanced Security.
  • Enhanced client experience.

Businesses Collaborating with Technology

Online shopping is the most common example of how businesses are collaborating with Technology. The world has witnessed a strong IT-business relation than ever before. Today Enterprises and startups of different sizes are focused on mobile app development to multiply revenues via online product selling, consultation services, and service delivery to customers’ doorstep. The most common examples of IT-business relations are; Amazon, Shopify, and Magento.

Entrepreneurs are developing different types of applications to gain more customers and looking for a wider reach worldwide. However, the cost to make an app varies as per your business’s core features, tech stack, and app size of your business app.



  • Convenient, faster, and effective business process.
  • Efficient order management.
  • An innovative strategy to reach more customers.
  • Fruitful marketing and promotions.
  • Easy access to more customers’ data.

Other professions collaborating with Technology

Technology has bought the modernized means in operating things in the best manner. As a result, technology has won our hearts, from online classes to online shopping, from online medical appointments to online food delivery.

We can see that technology didn’t affect professions, but it has only enhanced each profession. Moreover, from being the source of entertainment like VR/AR games, it has introduced Robots and chatbots that are assisting humans with excellence.

Wrapping up

Technology has not stopped evolving, but there’s a lot to come in the future. From workflow systems to the AI-based problem-solving ability of the machines, we can expect more unique and tailored solutions for clientele in the near future. Today, doctors, business owners, teachers, lawyers, customers, even everyone prefer technology because they are aware of the future advantages that it will bring.

Therefore, technology hasn’t harmed any profession nor intends to do so in the future.

Author Bio:

Hamza Iqbal did his major in Entrepreneurship and he is a Market Research by profession with having international content creation experience currently working with App Development Company. He generally likes to write about Mobile App Development, Startups, Digital Marketing, and SEO.

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