Team building – rebels needed

When we started our mastermind project, accountability group was one of our key offerings. How did we build our groups? Based on common time zone, interests etc. And we failed: the groups did not become magnets of learning and motivation generators. True team-building is a complex task, which we cannot handle from our mail accounts.

One of things that make a group successful, is a high proportion of extraordinary people that are not afraid to talk. This and this articles argue that some crazy people are needed for a good team.Are you ready to be a rebel, a valuable addition to any team, a person who works because it work is fun? Here are some ideas for you.

  1. Read a lot. Not just professional literature. Use a wide variety of subjects and professions to draw your ideas from.
  2. Tell stories. If you want people to listen to your crazy ideas, they need to be exciting. Storytelling really helps. It also enables finding allies and make life funnier and more interesting.
  3. There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Somehow people do not argue with numbers. If you come up with a really outrageous idea, find articles or generate simulations that support it.
  4. Value good discussion above consensus. Asking good questions is harder than finding good answers. If you have a good question, a question that can ignite a cool discussion – do share it. Others will come with answers, and they will appreciate your question and your contribution even more.
  5. It’s all about people. When you champion an idea, it is important that others act upon it. The readiness of other people to promote the idea is more important than solid argumentation and possible risk vs revenue tradeoff. Be responsible and do not allow people to take your ideas too far.
  6. Have fun. People who enjoy what they do often become natural leaders. Do not forget to enjoy your work.

With that in mind, go and ignite new conversation at work and in social media!

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