Symbol recognition

This is a pretty common exercise for “fast thinking” check-up. You need to notice the numbers within the letters and recognize them correctly. Try running the exercise faster, up to 100msec per symbol. This exercise will definitely help you speedread and potentially may help suppressing vocalization.

Each series with symbols.
Out of them only numbers (need to be below 10%).
Flashing speed msec.

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19 Replies to “Symbol recognition”

  1. I´m just not getting it at all, do not understand the taks here, started with default, but to try to understand it, i put it to 2000ms and one letter, and I still didn´t get it (embarresed here)

  2. books?! Great, anything you can share with us yet? Funnily, I purchased the become a superlearner book earlier today to read on a trip away next week.

  3. I don’t think the code works right anymore. I have it set at 10 symbols with 4 numbers at 300msec and it sometimes only shows 1 of the 4 numbers. I thought i just was not fast enough so I recorded it using the slow-mo feature on the iphone. Sure enough only 1 number popped up and only 7 total symbols came up ( missing the other 3 numbers)

        1. I think that if you can recognize 2 symbols in a stream of 100 symbols with 50msec delay between symbols, this is definitely good enough. However, you can always increase the difficulty level….

  4. In this exercise, all the numbers seem to be come in the ascending order. It might become more interesting if the numbers came in a jumbled-up order.

    1. The issue here is not comprehension/working memory but speed. You need to flash the images blazing fast, and then a notch faster….

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