Superlearning business: tips for beginners

Many superlearners work in business: entrepreneurs, managers, analysts, lawyers, accountants, economists…. With business, financial and legal analysis it is easy to generate a quick return on investment for all the reading and memorization training. However, these areas require more attention to details and some dedicated tools.

Business subjects appear to be complex since they can be analyzed from many angles. Each perspective works best with a different memorization tool, and it takes years to master and adapt all of them. For example:

  • SWOT analysis works best when we imagine our markers in color. I use green for strengths, red for weaknesses, blue for opportunities, yellow for threats.
  • Decision trees are sort of mindmaps, where each branch has a cost attached to it. I imagines them as thin and thick lines, green for positive, red for negative.
  • Legal structures fit well into mental palaces, where each close is a room. You can walk the palace back and forth to see all the rooms.
  • Numbers work well with PAO. I use the first 2 digits as number and the third digit as exponent. Typically 3 digits are sufficient.

We discussed only 4 small use cases, and already mentioned 4 different memory techniques. And if we dive in, we will find many other methodologies to learn. So the first advice: find one methodology you are good at and use it for everything. Then start adding other techniques slowly.

Reading blogs, emails, social media may put extra stress on your productivity. Beeing “always online” may be important for professional success of many of you. Speedreading alone provides only limited help. You do need to master some productivity tricks to reduce the noise. I will try to cover them in a dedicated post.

Legal and financial information tends to appear in organized templates. Using templates and templates within templates is very important, so we can discuss how to cover templates in mental places, mindmaps, PAO and coloring. Each method can cover the subject a bit differently, so you can adapt the best method for you. And again, this will require a dedicated post.

So what you should do right now: sign in our facebook group for business materials and request a post 🙂

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