Seven Science-Backed Tips to Remain Productive for Parents with Toddlers

The modern rhythm of life sets high demands for all people, but especially for parents. After all, you need to keep up with everything while finding time for work, kids, and a loved one. Learn how to increase productivity and keep up with everything.

Are you yelling at the child and quarreling with your partner? Avoiding household chores and want nothing? It seems that you cannot handle it anymore. Familiar feelings?

Yes, you are just tired and burned out. You have an overly active child who constantly requires attention and does not allow a minute to rest, and no one has canceled everyday affairs. Just do not think that you are a bad or some kind of wrong partner or parent. You are all right. Burnout is a common experience that happens to everybody at least once.

But do not worry, this problem can be solved. All you need to do is learn to manage time to have a few hours a week for yourself, and you will see how everything will change.

Do you think this is easier said than done? When does productivity increase? How to increase productivity naturally? What increase productivity tips can you learn? We will tell you in this article.

Science-Backed Tips to Remain Productive

Arrange Incoming Information

Before taking on tasks, it is essential to organize and collect all these duties in one place. We usually have no problems with compiling a list of work projects. However, other specific tasks can be hidden in unclosed browser tabs (you wanted to choose a bike), folders with photos on the desktop (you need to order an album print), unread chats, and Excel tables.

To increase productivity, meaning to avoid the constant switching of attention and the situation of eternal lack of time, try moving all tasks from the hidden lists to one main one. Without collecting those tasks that require action, you will not remember anything, and in the end, nothing will happen. In other words, additional duties “flow” through the gaps in the system. Gathering all tasks together “patches” these gaps.

Choose Green Tasks

Once the full list of tasks is complete, you need to figure out how to distribute them over time. It often happens that we postpone essential things for later, trying to first sort out the “trifle.” But often, redoing small tasks, so they don’t distract, doesn’t help you solve your problems. No matter how hard you try, you still fail to get down to something meaningful.

To increase productivity at home, it is worth trying to divide all troubles into “red” and “green.” 

  • Red is for the tasks that, if not done, will lead to problems. But if they are done, then everything will remain approximately as it is. 
  • Green is for the tasks that, if not done, will keep things approximately as they are. But if they are done, it will help you get closer to something good.

More often, people concentrate on the “red” tasks and do nothing “green.” As you go through your list of tasks, ask each of them the question, “What do I need it for?” Setting a clear goal and realizing the result of the task will help you define your plan’s importance.

To move forward to your true desires, sometimes you have to feel the discomfort of missing “red” tasks. However, focusing only on the little things means entering the fight with the sole purpose of preventing an opponent from hitting. You are in defense and do not hit yourself, as you are waiting for the moment when the opponent will change his mind to fight and just go away. But will it happen?

Start the Day with a Task from the List

Most of us start our workday by creating tasks and receiving information: we check social media and mail, read chats, and news feeds. All this contributes to the development of procrastination and can also lead to unnecessary anxiety and changes to the action plan you have outlined.

To increase productivity at work, try doing one simple task from your to-do list right away. The question arises: what exactly should such a task be? The most difficult and unpleasant or the easiest and most satisfying one? You decide. Starting your day with something enjoyable can give you a boost of energy, after which other tasks will be performed more actively. If your day is already full of unpleasant and disturbing things, it probably makes sense to do the hardest one first.

Improve your Attention

When the tasks are sorted out, you need to concentrate all your efforts on their implementation. And this will require a lot of attention. Psychologists compare our attention to a ray of light: things it is directed at creating our picture of the world.

The mechanism by which attention works is laid down by evolution and is aimed at a single goal – to survive. This is why we are so easily distracted when we notice something unusual: after all, there can be a danger behind it.

You can train attention in the same way as the body’s muscles: give it a workout and then give rest. It is important to choose a neutral object, for which you need to make an effort to observe. The easiest option to increase productivity benefits is breathing. Sit in a quiet and peaceful place. Trying not to interfere with the breathing process and rhythm, just watch how your body breathes. You can count the exhalations, and you can simply say to yourself: “Inhale, exhale.” Two to three times a week for 5-10 minutes of such workouts can already give results.

During the process, you will most likely be distracted by kids. But this is not an excuse to give up but an excellent opportunity to recognize moments of distraction and use them as productivity tips for working parents. You can’t avoid mistakes, but the sooner you start noticing them, the better.

Share Responsibility

<img alt=”Family”>

In some families, parents completely forget about fostering independence in their children. But the situation looks even worse if the second partner is not self-sufficient. Usually, parents in such families also complain that their partners are not doing anything. And how can you be in time if none of the other family members can warm up food or wash the dishes? So one of the main conditions for your mobility is the independence of the rest of the family.

Share responsibilities with your partner. Since you both work, then family and household chores should be done together to increase personal productivity. In this case, the income level is not essential, but it is important how much time each of you needs for work. For example, if the husband came home earlier, then he may cook dinner. And next time the wife comes earlier, so she can start cooking. Marriage is about to help and cooperation. Do not forget about these simple Top Mom tips; talk to your spouse, admit that it is difficult for you, ask for help. Explain that if he assists you a little, you can spend more time with each other.

Don’t Forget about a Daily Routine (and yours too!)

The order and system help to organize work properly. Very often, only children are required to follow the schedule – they say, parents are “adults.” But the habits which increase productivity are planning and sticking to a schedule. They set an excellent example for children and help avoid chaos and overload in their own lives. Sometimes you may finish your project late at night, having completed all the family business, but these are rare exceptions. If you notice that they have become a system, it’s time to figure out what’s the matter: for example, overload with various duties during the day.

Teach your children that you are ready to help with some things at certain times. But sooner or later, there are other things to do: cooking dinner, going to the groceries, and “parents time.” The child should understand that sometimes it is better not to distract the parents.

Ask for Help in Time

Why increase productivity is important? Of course, parents know their children best of all. And yet, there are situations that even the most experienced dads and moms can confuse. Sometimes this is due to the child’s behavior, sometimes to learning, and sometimes to difficulties in understanding. Almost all the challenges of upbringing can be handled. Some disappear with age, others when they begin to be treated differently.

But what should parents do when they feel powerless? It is crucial to turn to specialists in time, as they can provide competent assistance. Teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, nannies, tutors, coaches, mentors – remember that you can always ask them for advice and guidance.

It is a mistake to connect those scary moments with the same adaptation. It is better to ask the teacher about his opinion about your child. With the help of professionals, it will be easier to get rid of anxiety and increase productivity quality. You will continue to play the most significant role in every child’s life – the role of loving parents.


In pursuit of the ideal person, you should not forget about the risk of emotional burnout. You don’t have to be flawless in everything. Let yourself get tired, rest, be imperfect. Learn to relax and take care of yourself without self-blame. And think again: maybe it is worth concentrating on one area and then move on to others. If you want to increase productivity, training and development are essential points.

Parenting is a lengthy and challenging process in which productivity for parents plays a significant role. The way your child will grow up depends only on you. Therefore, if you feel emotional and physical burnout, do not push yourself to the extreme, trying to do everything in time. Realize the value of personal time and put things aside. Let it be only 15 minutes alone with yourself, but they will make the next hours spent with the child happy.


Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a mother of two children. After the birth, she decided to go into business and develop in a professional direction. In her free time, Rachel blogs as a successful mom about getting more done and less nervous.


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