Self-Help Mobile Apps: Development, Trends, Types & Features

Since the past decade, mobile app development has been changing the lifestyle. Mobile apps are too popular and useful. So, they serve entrepreneurs and industries. We know that the mobile app industry is the fastest growing area. Hence, it has brought several business opportunities for 2022. Therefore, in this article, we have come up with a few things. It includes mobile application trends, types, and features. So, let’s dive into this post.

What Are Mobile Apps Trends Of 2022?

Do you believe VR and AR are cool? However, the next trends will prove these technologies don’t only work for the gaming industry. Of course, companies innovate new cases for these realities. Some experts predict that these technologies will work for social media platforms and brand awareness. You can see Instagram and Snapchat have filters to turn your face into funny characters. Other examples include AR in healthcare, AR in mfg., Mobile AT disruption, etc.

Mobile Connected Smart Things:

IoT has created the word smart objects. IoT means the network of physical objects having sensors, software, and electronics. The developers interconnect everything. You can say Google Home, Nest Smart Home, etc. are examples of trends. In the future, you can see smart areas and smart homes, and IoT in the healthcare industry.

M/C Learning & AI:

Machine learning and AI have entered mobile app development. You can see self-replying chatbots as AI. However, Siri includes combined technology of AI and Machine Learning. However, in the future, we will see AI and Machine Learning in various industries. So, it will improve the productivity of workplaces. In the future, we can see AI-enabled chips, augmented M/C Learning, and various advanced technologies.

Beacons Technology:

Do you know it is not new technology? It had entered industries like Healthcare, Hotels, Museums, and other fields. So, the developers will use it for various mobile app development. They use beacons with IoT to provide valuable information and ongoing promotions. The future trends include AI-enabled chips, mobile payments beacons, and beacons treasure hunting.

Cloud For Future Apps:

Developers think cloud computing is better for future development. It can reduce the costs of web hosting and improve capacity. So, it has many benefits.

However, it also solves some critical security concerns. At the same time, it provides needs minimal mobile storage. You will trend like hybrid cloud solutions and cloud services. Check out Intellipaat Cloud Computing course to master in the cloud domain.

How Does Cloud Helps Mobile Apps?

Nowadays, mobile app development has been including this luxury facility for users and organizations. We have already discussed it in a brief. But here is a detailed explanation of mobile app trends with cloud facilities. What if your app lets users store data related to the app in the cloud? Users can use the storage to keep their memories in a form of images or videos. So, the cloud is one of the crucial elements of mobile applications.

The Benefits That Cloud Offers:

  • Adding a cloud storage facility to your self-help mobile apps makes the application quicker. So, it instantly responses to the user’s activities. There is reduced loading time.
  • It maintains the streamlines and schedules of business operations.
  • It makes the mobile app reliable and secure. Also, cloud techs like AWS solution, SlideRocket, Dropbox, and others are easy to integrate.
  • In the year 2022 and beyond, the apps are more reliable on cloud tech. For example, quantum computing, Hybrid cloud solutions, and the evolution of services and solutions will be trending.

Mobile Banking Changers:

Do you use mobile wallets? They are the best payment solutions and provide secured transactions. The customers can pay with facing issues. So, this easy payment option is trending.

Things Beyond Bitcoins:

Do you know about Blockchain? For the IT sector, it has brought exciting opportunities worldwide. However, it has the usage to create Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Still, you can say it will continue trending because it has the opportunity to have mobile apps.

Smart Wearables:

Have you seen smartwatches? They’re smart wearables. The mobile app development for smartwatches is trending. It makes the gadgets advanced. So, people can use them to ease their tasks.

What Are The Types Of Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development has many types. We have explained each with a short description.

1.     One-Demand:

Developing on-demand apps is blessings for developers and investors. However, it is also a focus of developers for the future. Each industry chooses to develop its on-demand apps. However, examples of One-Demand apps are One-Demand food delivery, cooking gas delivery, parcel delivery, and other apps.

Why One-Demand App Development Is Better?

According to reports, most industry is shifting to on-demand apps. They’re treating the app development industry like a lovely friend for development purposes. So, if you want to develop the app in 2022, the best way is to consider an on-demand app.

Additionally, statistics proved more than 42% of users have been using One-Demand apps for some reason. So, the percentage will increase in the future. In short, it’s a good opportunity for developers and startup entrepreneurs.

Similarly, businesses encourage to adopt on-demand apps to run successfully. So, you can be the service provider to them. It also helps as a blue ocean strategy. So, you can compete in the competitive market.

2.     5th Generation Tech:

The smartphones are 5G now. So, developers prefer apps that increase user activities. Of course, 5G is the next and the latest mobile app trend.

3.     E-commerce/Mobile Commerce:

People have increased the use of mobile commerce and e-commerce websites or apps when the Covid-19 hit. So, the future is dependent on mobile commerce. This type of mobile app development is always trendy.

4.     Apps For Foldable:

Do you miss old mobile phone styles? Some users miss flip mobile. So, developers use mobile application development technologies to make apps for flip mobile. Additionally, some companies have launched their unique phones. So, it needs app development.

5.     Hybrid Apps:

The new technology is cross-platform. So, developers don’t need to write separate codes for all native apps. They write single code and it runs on all operating systems. So, cross-platform is the trend.

What Are Features Of Self-help Smart App Development?

Smart apps have no limits to mobile app features. So, the list never ends. That’s why we have listed a few core features of smart app development.

●       Voice Assistant:

Developers combine AI, IoT, smart devices, and smart speakers with mobile phones. It results in a voice search feature. Examples are Siri and Alexa. It helps e-commerce companies to help their customers.

●       Fingerprint Authentication:

The latest mobile apps use the feature of the smartphone, fingerprint. So, it secures the payment apps and personal data of users. Hence, users are secured against cybercrimes and fraud.

●       GPS & Real-time Tracking:

The developers include GPS and real-time tracking software. The aim is to secure mobile apps and transactions. So, customers can keep records of their activities. It helps the developers to ensure the security of their users.

●       Streaming Events Virtually:

Do you stream videos from your mobile apps? You can organize your events and attend live videos. All thanks to the features of live streaming. So, you can say it is the smart and advanced feature of smart apps.

●       ERP Software:

Nowadays, it is possible to run some ERP software on smartphones. Enterprise Resource Planning software can help owners get better outcomes. So, they can plan the future of their organizations.

Thinking Beyond 2022?

You may be wondering that no matter the trends will boom in 2022, but what next? Of course, businesses want to keep updating and they have no other options too. So, when you think of mobile app development, you must be ready to keep your business and all up-to-date.

Also, do not forget that no product is final. Even the best apps you are running, have been updated daily. So, you need to know that your app has to update the following.

  • Update your app’s features or modify some.
  • Update services or add new services.
  • Change or remove services and user experience.
  • Keep updating UI/UX without affecting the standard of your app.
  • Build cloud storage and manage it for users.
  • You can work on hosting and servers too.

However, the list is long, and you have to be ready for the updates to tackle the competitors. But some businesses may face issues because of the developers’ team and technical team. You don’t have to worry about it if you have hired a reliable and competent app development company.

The Best Smart App Development Company Will;

  • Continue providing handholding supports.
  • Handle technical issues.
  • Don’t let the app’s functionality affect its reputation.
  • Ready to serve 24/7.
  • Bring new and innovative ideas for the features and functions.
  • Will provide suggestions based on 2022 trends and beyond.
  • Will adopt new technologies to manage the app.
  • Keep updating technologies and team.
  • Work on security to improve services.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how self-help mobile app development ease processes! In this article, we have discussed the trends and future trends of smart apps. We have also covered the types of smart apps and their features. So, if you want to enter any industry, you can hire a mobile app development company to build your app. It helps you start your business. Moreover, if you have any questions, let us know.


This post was written by Vijay Chauhan working with 4 Way Technologies, who creates high-quality content around the web and mobile app development.


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