KeyToStudy mastery project

We are launching a new project and product intended for our most loyal students. It is a premium upgrade product. We hope it will help to create a certified generation of people who mastered the KeyToStudy methodology.

Full access and full support

In one irreversible payment, you will be able to buy

  • full lifetime access to our courses
  • my longterm support
  • a supersized package of 1:1 with Anna
  • exclusive surprise offers that we do not disclose

Since we prefer our masters to be fully aware of the path ahead of them, the product is open only to those who completed some basic training. You can buy a basic 1:1 package with Anna, and apply for the upgrade after the third session. Since we want to encourage our students to take this path, the pricing is intended to be convenient.


Unlike other courses we offer, students of the mastery project will receive a certificate upon graduation. To graduate, you will need to measure your reading speed and memory statistics. You will also be asked to write a short essay that demonstrates how you integrate what you learn in your life.

Time scope

The project is intended for a time period of two years of practice – which is enough to transform accelerated learning from skill to habit and sufficient for acquiring true mastery in the subjects and methods of your choice (memory techniques, speedreading or visualization). You are expected to do 30 min of computer practice and 60 min of reading daily, to the point where the practice becomes your second nature.


Upon graduation, you will get exclusive offers that will be tailored to your needs and achievements.


No two people are alike. While our video courses and books preserve a syllabus and a structure, you may be guided between coursed and books to provide the best answer for your personal needs. The 1:1 with Anna will focus on integrating the methods we provide into your life. There is a huge difference between what we can provide to people who can freeze their training at any moment and those who are committed to completing the training and graduating. Ask us about that.

Our hidden agendas

An offer like this often involves a hidden agenda. Our hidden agendas are very simple:

  1. We want to have students who we can brag about
  2. We enjoy watching our students integrating accelerated learning in their life and succeeding on the path they choose. As this process is long we want to be a part of it.
  3. Our new courses and articles are often inspired by the real needs of real people, which are not properly covered in the original texts.
  4. Above the basic levels, our content tends to be a bit generic, and I want to add examples from the actual practice of different people.
  5. If we decide to provide affiliation, co-authoring or teaching certificates, it is easier to do this with people who have a proven record


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