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Maximize your return on investment: spend a fixed amount for a growing collection of proprietary methods that will save you time and money, increase your income and make you happy. Now I will explain how.

You probably noticed that this site deals with a wide range of subjects, and maybe want to know more about these subjects. I created several masterclass-level courses and placed them on Thinkific for your convenience. By “masterclass” I mean a format of ~8 hours of video that address various perspectives of the subject from the beginner level to advanced ideas. Some of the concepts within are unique: they were developed by me and are used by me and my family members. The current 8 hours per course format is just the skeleton to provide an overview of each subject. As appropriate to master-class format, I plan to add more sections to each course specific for certain interesting subjects and training routines. I will try to provide here a full listing of the courses. If you want full lifetime access to all of my courses, please by this bundle.

Memory masterclass

This is the first, the most condensed and the most useful and basic of my masterclasses. When writing it I was thinking mostly about medical professions and researchers of all kinds. With a premise of tripling your memorization, this course is intended to do more than that. It contains:

  • The most useful memory methodologies in a simple and practical presentation. This means after the course you will understand how to use them.
  • Proprietary hybrids of mental palaces and mind maps, that allow visualization and memorization of up to 1Mil objects per structure. You will not find them anywhere else.
  • Focus on long-term memorization including audio mnemonics, dual coding, synesthesia, proprietary notetaking techniques, and spaced repetition.
  • Language learning.

While our basic courses focus on quick short-term retention of small pieces, the focus here is on long-term memorization and managing huge bodies of knowledge.

Productivity and speedreading

If you need productivity rather than volumes, this is the course of you. When writing it I was thinking about lawyers, business people,  engineers, and other people whose time is money. The premise is tripling the number of things you can do with your time.

  • Review of several ways to read, not just the regular speedreading but other complementary methodologies. The focus is on very quick research of any new subject or idea.
  • Perception tricks. Techniques to use more effectively our senses in any environment. A combination of military-grade tricks and mentalism training detached from where they can be used. Also useful for ADHD.
  • Having more than 24 hours a day. Proprietary methods to reuse time, focus, energy, and equipment to achieve more with less. If it works for me, it can probably work for you.
  • Systematic creativity. Good for engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs and such.
  • Building and maintaining good habits – productivity aspects.

While our basic courses focus on speed reading, here the focus is on speedy completion of complex tasks.

Keytovision: visualization and self-care

Anyone who works fast and remembers a lot is prone to higher stress levels.  At the same time, there are super-strong psychological tools we can use.  While I was young I had to overcome symptoms of depression, ADHD, burnout and more, using mostly my intelligence and research skills. When writing this course, I was thinking about all the psychological work I have done with myself during the last 20 years.  Prior to creating this course, I had several discussions with my friends who work in various areas of psychology and they were amazed by the range and strength of the methods offered here.

  • Defining personal vision and formulation goals. E.g. visualize your future self and use the tools to become that vision of you.
  • Dealing with anxieties, low confidence, and personal issues. Various useful clinical tools adapted for self-help from CBT and NLP.
  • Critical thinking. Dealing with the most common mistakes and cognitive biases using simple practical tools.
  • Building and maintaining good habits – cognitive aspects.

While our basic courses focus on visualization, here we use the visualization for self-care.

Return on investment

[In editing. Will be available in 2020]

Our time is our main and irreplaceable asset. We need to invest it well. When writing this course I was thinking about my friends who waste their lives because they do not see alternatives.  I provide some basic notions from the investment world, and then I try to apply them to things we do in our lives. There are some advanced investing subjects too, for example dealing with crypto investment.

  • Avoid mistakes that can ruin your life or waste your efforts. Typically simple visualization of future scenarios with analysis of return on investment will do the trick. Obviously, in the course I go deeper…
  • The investment principles. Alpha, beta, risk measures, dual momentum investing. The bare minimum to make your money work for you. With an analysis of applicability in our lives.
  • How to conduct research and analysis before committing to something new.
  • Crypto investments
  • Managing personal discipline

While our basic courses allow you to learn and achieve anything you want, here we use research and analysis to understand which kind of commitment will benefit us.


[In editing. Will be available in 2020]

I spent a lot of resources on my kids’ musical education. When writing this course I was thinking about the training and knowledge that provide my kids with an extra edge. I was also thinking of what a good hobby should feel like.

  • How to select a hobby, and how to use the hobby effectively. The basic return on investment analysis does not apply to hobbies, so I had to be more holistic. If our life is an ecosystem, what will improve this ecosystem?
  • Musical mnemonics, guitar mnemonics, memorizing verbatim.  Basically I use my memory and math training to complex subjects of musical theory.
  • Specific subjects for electric guitar: advanced equipment review, tips for optimizing investment and fighting gear acquisition symptoms.
  • Creativity and improvisation. An overview followed by demos of my children improvising in different styles with their guitar teacher.

This course was written as a family project with my kids. After I spend some of my money wisely and some less so. If you learn to play guitar it may save you thousands of dollars.


[Recorded, not yet in editing]

Being an engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor, I wanted to share some aspects of effective work on a moonlighting project. When writing this course I was thinking about my own moonlighting projects and what I learned from them. I was also thinking about all the startups I worked with and the man-years wasted due to bad management.

  • Using speedreading methods for design and code.
  • Systematic design and implementation methodology. When building a project by ourselves and in our spare time we tend to cut corners. There is a limit to how many corners can be cut. At some point, each hour spent on a proper brainstorming and design saves days of programming and weeks of debugging.
  • Examples of projects any technical person can do at home with specific issues of each project. I was thinking about the technical expertise of my eldest boy (13 years old smart for his age) and what he can do.
  • Business aspects of such activity.

This course is waiting to be tested on some projects and updated with lessons learned.


[Recorded, not yet in editing]

In this course, I explain various aspects of learning by teaching others. When writing this course I was thinking about my students and what I learned from them.

  • How to learn effectively by teaching others. For me the difference was x3, but not yet widely tested.
  • Advanced creativity and brainstorming techniques
  • Emotional intelligence: communication and empathy tools.
  • Effective motivation and evaluation.
  • Dealing with common mistaker.

While our other courses focus on things you can achieve yourself, this course focuses on things you can achieve with others. This course is in need of additional materials. It will be provided for people who take our advanced training.


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