Jonathan’s TED talk

Jonathan’s TED talk is truly inspiring. If you feel that your motivation is down and you want to remember why you have chosen to become a superlearner, please watch the video and it will replenish your energies. You are welcome to share the link with your friends. Discuss your thoughts with other superlearners on our facebook group. If you want to have a more active role in our community please contact me directly [email protected].

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2 Replies to “Jonathan’s TED talk”

  1. I feel like the information and the techniques that are introduced in this program will be life changing, I look forward to finding out how to read faster and remember more. I hope that one day the schools will implement the ideas that Jonathan is introducing in this Ted talk and the children of the future will be able to be blessed by learning this way. I am really inspired by the opportunity to learn these methods and techniques and cant wait to start.

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