How do I tell what my reading speed and retention scores

Measuring your reading speed and retention score is a simple and important tool to judge your learning abilities. There are many applications that do this for you, but sometimes you want to double-check those results. Anna developed the superlearning tools more than a decade ago and did not need a computer back then. Sometimes low-tech is the new high-tech…


How do I tell what my reading speed and retention scores?


Measuring your reading speed and retention is very important. The Quiz on our Udemy course was just an example. You should be able to measure yourself. Almost any text editor has a word count feature, and you can have a stopper on any watch or mobile phone. So calculating reading speed is easy. Checking retention quality is more complex. After reading the document you should write down what you read in your own word and as many details as possible. Take your time. Now read sentence by sentence and see what you miss. In our one-on-one course we get almost word-by-word retention before moving on to reading speed. Usually 100% retention is not required, but make sure you do not drop below the minimum you find acceptable.


Interval Timer

Hey, everybody. I found this interval timer on YouTube. It might help with pacing when trying to do progressive overload with the card.

It simply beeps at fifteen seconds. It helps me stay honest when I’m moving the card on the page.

What would be good results in games such as camera mind or the Schultz generator?
  • Ideally, expect an improvement of at least x3 vs versus the original performance. This means you can get 3x as far, improve your eye span by about 3x, etc. Anything above 2X though and you can move on to the next lectures and exercises.

    In particular, you should aim to see around 5-7 words in a single glance (though they won’t all be completely clear). Once you can do that, and for example read a text message or Google chat message without having to move your eyes from side to side, you’re in good shape for the next steps.

    Thanks for your question!

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