High-level visualization

When you learn visual markers you also learn visualization skills. At the beginning the visualization is weak, good enough to produce schematic objects, then the objects become alive highly detailed and animated, until finally you can imagine whole landscapes.

The skill of imagining in great details whole landscapes is very valuable. If you love fantasy/sci-fi or religion/meditation this will be highly pleasant and inspiring experience. But more importantly it allows to encode HUGE amount of complex information in a form that is easy to remember basically forever.

How so? Most of scientific and highly technical information is numeric. You can paint mountains and waterfalls to remember graphs (think of graphs in economy). You can plant trees and stones to remember numbers. You can put people on stones to remember authors of articles and discoveries. You can invent strange animals with bizzare body parts to describe abstract notions, and you can make all of those move around producing highly flexible and intuitive flow of information.

Even the most technical highly detailed information can be transformed into fantastic game using just the power of your imagination, and you can learn A LOT doing so!


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