How to get more from the course

Recently I asked my students how to get more from our Udemy course. One answer was especially good:

Trenor Gould

In no particular order:

  • Read the discussion of the community, because it might answer some questions that you did not think to ask. Comment too!
  • Focus on reading rather than achieving high scores on games. The games can teach you a lot, but if you are not practicing reading then you will not see improvements in your reading…
  • Start to use markers in your daily life. You must realizew that they are important to your daily life.
  • Make sure that when you start you are creating images and not movies. If you try to make the people, objects, images, icons, etc move then you will be wasting time and slowing your reading speed to a crawl.
  • Instead, focus on linking the images that you create. If you become proficient in linking you are going to have a much easier time throughout the course and in learning what you want.
  • Follow the schedule and read all of Lev’s posts on his blog.
  • You can still write things down…
  • Enjoy yourself.

Why did I like this answer so much?

  1. We expect our students to have their personal style. You do not have to agree with Jonathan. Jonathan does not have to agree with me.
  2. Choose a schedule to follow and then follow the schedule.
  3. The students need to have fun and be active.
  4. If you do not use social connections, extra materials, and our support – you miss up a big part of our offering.
  5. We know that you internalize our teaching when you use it in everyday life.
  6. Do not use the skillset blindly. If you can make notes, do make notes.

Here is an additional tip from myself: you do not need to read any of our books, or any big book end-to-end. You can use them as reference guides. Active and contextually learning is significanly more effective than linear reading. If you have a problem or a question, search the book for an answer. If there is no answer in teh book, ask on facebook. We have an active community and I always make sure to answer good questions.

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