Card exercise equivalent

If you need to do the “card” exercise on your computer, this is a valid alternative. Please move your mouse over the greenish bar to progress through the text. The larger the distance between blue and red line the faster the text goes… If the blue line is above the red line, the text stops. Sorry if a bit delayed and buggy, this one was tricky to program.

Saccade width pixels.



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2 Replies to “Card exercise equivalent”

    1. You can read with a card in a book.
      You can read with a constant scroll on PC.
      Or you can control the scrolling speed.
      In this exercise you control the reading speed.
      1. Add text to the textbox
      2. Activate
      3. Point to the right part of the textbox, until a bar with red and blue line appears.
      4. Control the speed of the red bar by moving the blue bar down. The lower you move the blue bar, the faster the red bar follows.
      5. If red bar catches the blue bar, text pauses

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