Back to school deal 2020

Have you ever wondered how I can manage this blog, create new courses, and work full time in a startup company and raising three wonderful kids? Reading very fast and remembering everything is maybe 20% of the process. There are many other skills involved.

One of the critical skills you need to consider is speedwriting. Ability to write cogently 10000 words per day of quality content.  That’s about 20 A4 pages. Since I started this blog my writing speed improved x10. You will be right to ask how. I released a new course on Thinkific dealing with writing:
The coupon is WRITING80: 80% discount for the first 80 people to use it.

Every year in September I release new content and I provide a unique deal for my students. The back to school deal this year is a 25% discount on everything (AUTUMN2020 coupon). The 1:1 with Anna has a significantly bigger discount.

Also, this year you can ask for a FREE 1-month subscription coupon for my Keytovison course.

Additionally, for September 4-6 only (time-sensitive) you can get free my Keytostudy minicourse on Udemy.

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