Using social media and asking well-formulated questions

Social media is much more than a gossip group. For a young professional social media provides these possibilities and many more:

  • Showing your CV to thousands of friends with endorsements of your other friends. I am not only talking about Linkedin. You can share your thoughts and achievements on Facebook and Twitter, you can use additional social tools (like Reddit or Quora) and shape your social presence to your benefit. Of cause, if you want to talk you need something to say. One advice, commonly given to young people: write down 10 new ideas every day. Some ideas may be turned into real productive activities, while others may be turned into interesting posts.
  • Look for mentors. Social media opens a wide range of people and shows their experience. Some of these people will be more than willing to open you doors to their friends, provided you have something valuable to offer. Do prepare an interesting online presence just in case.
  • Checking validity of your ideas. Show your friends your ideas and ask for their opinion.  You will be surprised at the quality of feedback you will get.
  • Getting actual answers. If you formulate your question well enough and post it in professional group on Facebook or in Quora, you will get an answer from someone who is a mentor in his field. You are definitely invited to check it in our Facebook group.

How to formulate your questions on facebook?

  • Ask SPECIFIC questions, so people reading your question will know how to answer it. Try to provide an actual useful example and explanation of how the answer will be used. Polls are one way to do this.
  • Keep your questions short, easy to read, do not put several questions in one post. Monitor answers and modify your question according to the answers you get
  • Questions naturally invoke a response. Use succinct, curiosity-invoking questions to get clicking through, sharing, Liking or commenting actions. Do formulate your post as a question.
  • Do provide enough backup information, links and story so  people can understand your question relate. 
  • Adapt your question type to the media where you post. If you have a very specific question ask it in a narrow professional group. We have 3 such groups: legal, accounting and business, science, medicine and healthcare and programming and engineering.
  • If anything else fails ask a moderator. You are invited to write me [email protected].

There is more than one way to post your question and poll.

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