5 Ways Studying Abroad Will Boost Your Career


Some of our readers need to decide between studying at home or going abroad. In this article, we will try to help. I studied at home, and it had certain advantages as it was cheap and comfortable, I could work during the studies, and the networking I did was always relevant. There are positive sides to studying abroad too.  As I could not speak from my own experience I asked a guest author to fill in. This is one of the articles which are written from a unique personal perspective, so I am sure you will enjoy it.

I’m sure if I ask you what is that one career opportunity that you would like to avail; your answer will be- studying in abroad. It’s not that I’m having some sixth sense instincts of reading your mind. The thing is, that it’s an aim for all of us. At least for once, we want to go abroad be it just on a semester exchange program.

Have you ever wondered why we all wish to go abroad to study? Because taking a career head start in abroad is like investing in something which assures positive yet valuable outcomes. Till now, how many meetings you have done with your friends, mentors and some other friends of friends? Just to know their experience of studying abroad and to collect some pieces of information. And oh, how can we skip that challenging part of convincing your parents.

Well, in my case it was quite difficult to make my parents agree. I was all bombarded with the questions like- Are you sure it is advantageous? How you are going to survive? Isn’t it would be a little expensive? And what not! But guess what? I just turned all the impossibilities into remarkable possibility.

Don’t worry; we have some tactics to convince your mom as well. I can pen down all of the advantages which the decision of initiating a career in abroad endowed me with. All you need to do is- read aloud in front of your mom and dad!

In fact, I must say that there are plenty of benefits which you can enjoy while studying as a foreigner. One more thing you need to keep in mind is, that surviving in a different country, all alone could be challenging. Don’t get too excited and expect too much. You may have to compromise on many things. But in the end, all those challenges and compromises won’t be worthy in front of those lifetime advantages which your student life will opportune you with. Let me begin how the struggling journey turns into a path of opportunities.


Experience all-new- language & vocabulary 

The first and foremost thing which impacts on our confidence is, how we are going to communicate. To survive somewhere you must know their language. Well, even in my case the situation was the same. It was Germany where I was planning to take my footsteps but, didn’t even know how to speak their native language. No, if you are thinking that I did opt for some short course then surely not.

Just like all of you, even I was a student and investing in language course was not an affordable luxury for me. It learner it for free! Yes, you heard right. I learned the German language without investing a penny.

It all happened from interacting with locals. Prepare your mind that it is not going to happen in a day. You need to be patient and tricky. For instance, I started all this from hand gestures. Using handy actions to explain my queries and then listening to the answer keenly. That’s how it all began. One more worthy tip, you may take is that always pen down anything you learned. Be it a single word just keep making notes with translation, to create your dictionary.

And here you go! All upgraded with a new language and enhanced communication skills. Now you are all set to keep your head and confidence high.


Enhances managerial skills- do it on your own

I remember how my mom used to keep everything aligns- the wardrobe, documents, books, credit card. Ah, what peaceful life it was! By the way, if you are also a spoiled child of your mom then get ready to witness a huge change in yourself. Because living abroad is an opportunity of growing, on the same side it is a bit challenging too.

Don’t expect that someone will be doing laundry, preparing food, taking care of your important documents there. Neither your father will be there to process those bank account procedures. Get your transportation issues, internet access, currency exchange and all other things done by yourself. None of your friends or roommate has time to help you, stand on your own feet! That’s what I learned after going for study.

This may sound quite absurd, doing all house chores on your own. But do you know? There’s a hidden benefit of being independent. It teaches you how to manage the work pressure and improves your managerial skills. I remember once when one of my subjects was giving me a tough time and on the other hand, I was supposed to pay attention to other subjects as well. But I eventually managed; because at the end I learned how to keep things align without being anxious.

Keep connecting your social loops- say no to homesickness 

Do you know what the wonderful thing about being a foreigner student is? You got to meet many other foreigners, just like you. From all around the world, people travel to study. When I was in college, I had three foreigner friends- one was from Malaysia, another one was representing Indonesia and the third one was Philippine.

Apart from German, I even got to learn many things about three countries. Be it language, culture, lifestyle. Though I was not a social person and was quite introvert, just to avoid homesickness I started socializing and making new friends. This even helped me in my academic problems. Like, one time I was running out of deadline and was completely unable to understand the requirements of the assignment. Upon asking help, my friend suggested me to take online assignment help from one of the sites named, 7dollaressay. I still feel thankful for that worthy advice my friend gave me.

Apart from this, I acquired enough confidence in presenting my opinion and speaking in public with all audacity. Now I know how to deal with my business clients and how to persuade people on your decisions.


Broaden your perspectives- don’t be too prompt to judge

Although it takes time to change the way you think. This change may not occur initially, but after some time, you will understand that things are not exactly as same as you consider. Many times we build our concepts and start believing in them. For instance, if the rumors had made you believe that German locals are quite rude with the foreigners then you need to change your thoughts now!

That is exactly what I used to believe, but spending a year in Germany eventually changed my perspectives. Similarly, there are many things which we impulsively judge however, the reality is far beyond our imagination. When we live in a different place, with different people we ultimately start evaluating things from all perspectives.

Also, exposure to new cultures helps you in being a holistic person. You start assessing each thing with a completely new vision and start to broaden your perspectives of thinking for everything you witness. Most of the times, you even start valuing things which you once used to take for granted.


Empowers decision-making power- be wise to decide 

Now comes the most amazing part which I enjoyed learning from being all alone in a new country. Decision making! Well, if you think that selecting a college or study was the only tough decision then you need to think again. Once you start your independent life, you need to play on both edges- risky and safe.

This may sound thrilling, but trust me you will enjoy this decision making phase in your student life. You are done with the selection of university? Cool! Now get ready to look for a suitable place of accommodation, source of earning and many other little things. Note that not every advice is worth to be implemented. Decide yourself! But, do you know all of these- what to do, what to avoid decisions makes you mentally strong and help in empowering your decision making power.

The very first time I got stuck with this situation is when I had three options for accommodation and it was quite difficult to decide which one to go for. On the side, I was supposed to compromise on the quality and needed to focus on the nearest place on the same side I had to consider the affordable amount as well. Such things will keep hitting you up on your entire journey. Just be calm and wise before you take any decision. You would feel happy to know that I serve as a business strategist now.

Though there are more benefits which studying in abroad offer, I only penned those general advantages which each one can acquire. Apart from these, you can even work on personality development and can learn more new thing from your surroundings. All you need to first is to, gear up yourself for the challenging situations, confront each barrier wisely and get ready to redeem a lifetime coupon of opportunities. And oh, the most important thing, don’t forget to read this piece of writing, all loud in front of your parents. Good luck!

Author Bio:-

Michelle Starc, a business strategist since 2014. Apart from creating effective business strategies, Michelle also provides research paper writing services to students and urge to support learners in each phase of academic life.

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