19 Ultimate Short-Cuts to SAT Success

While we specialize in learning, SAT tests are not in our focus. Do not get me wrong. 1:1 with Anna, speedreading and memory improvement boost the SAT scores approximately by 20 percent, and we had many students who completed this training. However, the test itself has its own specialists. In this guest post, one of such specialists shares his knowledge. Most of the tips can be applied to any sort of testing and are not strictly SAT-specific.

SAT, also known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, can be your key to international universities. This three-hour long test will determine the next curve of your life – so you better be prepared! But, it is not an easy task to excel in SAT. You need all the support you can get to achieve a commendable score.

Math, evidence-based answers, and essay (optional) all have an integral role to play when determining your score. As a result, you should put equal effort in all of these sectors. Today, we are going to guide you through the whole process with our tried and tested tips. So, let’s begin:

Know the Rules, Regulations, and Policies of SAT

It’s important to know the exact rules and regulations provided by the SAT authority. Read the instruction manual and other necessary rule books to know what you can – and cannot – do. Educate yourself on how to register, how to compete, and how to interpret your scores.

Make a Strict Schedule and Follow It

One of the main reasons why the SAT is so tough is because it requires a lot of time and attention. As a result, you should make a complete schedule of your study hours. The more time you can assign to this cause, the better. And always try to stick to your schedule.

Revise the Old Syllabus Beforehand

Get hold of all the question papers of the previous year. It will not only give you good practice materials, but also a better understanding of the pattern used for questions. But, there is also a high chance of getting common or similar questions if you follow the previous syllabus.

Work on Your Decimals and Fractions

One of the toughest parts of the SAT exam is arguably the decimals and fractions. It’s not easy to decipher them in a short amount of time. As a result, you have to put extra effort in when it comes to decimals and fractions to save time in the actual exam.

Learn Shortcut Techniques for Math

There are easy ways – and hard ways – of doing the same math. The hard ways might save you more time during the exams. With this in mind, acquire shortcuts about math techniques. It will also help you to double-check your answer when you are done.

Use a Quality Calculator with Easy Maneuverability

Choosing the right brand and right type of calculator is essential for your SAT scores. If you do not get a calculator with easy maneuverability, you will get stuck halfway through the whole process. Get a calculator that meets all of your needs. The Casio Prizm is a tried and tested version of such a calculator.

Know the 360-Degree Applications of Graphing Functionality

Graphing calculators are a gateway to SAT math success. Without these functionalities, the larger portion of the answer can be deceptive. With that said, know the complete functionality of the graphing calculator. Plus introduce yourself to applying these while solving the equation.

Learn to Determine the Need for Automation

Sometimes, you desperately need to use automatic help. But, sometimes you don’t need much assistance. You can save a lot of time by simply identifying when you need a calculator and when not. So get control over this need and you will save a lot of time.

Use All the Dummy Test You Can Find

Dummy tests are your best friends when it comes to preparing for the exam. Get as many mock questions as you can and try to solve them. Even if you can’t solve all of them, try to see the answers. The more dummy tests you practice, the greater control you have over the whole syllabus.

Work Without Any Disturbance

Remove all the disturbance and distractions that can harm your studies for the SAT. Get off the grid. Stop messaging, posting and using social media as much as possible. Get your eyes on the prize and remind yourself what is most important in the long-term.

Know How to Manage Your Time Frame During the Exam

Time management is crucial for achieving a better score at the SAT. A lot of examinees don’t get to complete their answers because they don’t know how to manage their time. Work on your time management skills so that you not only have enough time to complete all questions, but also to revise your answers after you are done.

Skip the Overly Complicated Questions

In every SAT exam, there are one or two questions which are overly complicated. These are time killers and will erase all of your time. Consequently, you should keep these for last and move on with questions you are comfortable answering.

Learn to Eliminate the Obvious Wrong Answer

In multiple choice, there are often one or two options that are obviously the wrong ones. If you can eliminate the wrong answers from the very start, the rest of the process becomes very easy.

Work on Your Weakness

Everyone has a weak sector that they need to work on. Some are better at fractions, some are better at algebra, and some a better at contingency. You need to identify your area of weakness and work towards making it a strength.

Do Not Leave the Answer Sheet Empty

Never leave the answer sheet empty. It is a loss that you cannot make up later. Skip the complicated ones for last and come back for it later. Have faith in your study and try to guess the right answers.

Eliminate Mistakes with Figures & Signs

A lot of us make silly mistakes when it comes to math. Mostly these are because we mess up the figures and signs. We know the method and the theory – but still, we fail. So try to eliminate these mistakes to get a higher score in your SAT.

Build Up a Study Group

Study groups have been a secret weapon for success since ancient times. If you can manage to find equally motivated friends, you should build up a study group. The study group will help you to practice and stay connected with the latest updates.

Make Complete Use of Free Sources

There are both online and offline free sources that you can utilize. Look for these sources when you are preparing for your SAT. Make the best use of these sources and have a greater chance of success. Many university websites also provide test and practice materials for SAT. Download those and get started.

Do Not Forget to Rest at the Right Moment

It is important to know when you’ve had enough. Studying relentlessly can have a negative impact on your health. Due to this, you should have a proper break to re-energize yourself. Take power naps or participate in recreational activity in between your studies to stay on top of your game.

Bonus: Be Confident and Careful at the Same Time

A lack of confidence can only cause trouble. If you don’t have confidence, you will make the wrong answers even though you know the right ones. Try and wave goodbye to self-doubt. But, at the same time, do not become careless. Take your time to solve the answers. It is all about finding the right balance.


I am not here to tell you that achieving a top-notch score SAT is easy. But, to quote Obama, “You can do it”. With a little bit of patience, hard work, and determination, you give yourself the best chance to attain your desired scores. Plus, you now have these tips as a guideline to success!

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This article is contributed by Anthony. A true fan of reading books and comics and the one-eyed-king in the world of mathematical geekdom. Check out more of his works at GraphingCalcHub.com.

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