The subject of synesthesia [when various senses “leak” into each other] was discussed several times during last month. First of all visit this site to learn more about synesthesia. Synesthesia naturally occurs in one out of 2000 people. If you have synestesia you can learn to do this. Moreover you could encode music, taste or other complex sensory information into visual markers, and you already know what to do with visual markers!

Now, the most interesting part is of the story is the simple fact that you can probably teach yourself synesthesia! Anna has been using stroop effect for a while to prepare people for subvocalization [reading one color and visualizing another]. In the coming weeks I plan to release the original exercise for those who want to practice subvocalization suppression, and several modified version to enable those of you who want to learn synesthesia try their luck… Unlike other exercises, this is brand new for me, so I have no clues what to expect. I do suggest to share your personal experiences on our facebook page.

Happy hunting acquiring the new skill. We are here to support you…

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