Superlearner 2.0 course

Recently we launched a new Superlearner 2.0 course. The new course contains better content, audio and video, much more material than the original course and we offer cheap upgrade prices. Some students ask about the new course, so I summarize the answers here:

  • We continue to offer full support to the original “classic” course and you do not have to upgrade unless you want to.
  • The upgrade offers great value for money [use coupon code “keytostudy”], so it is recommended.
  • If you upgrade to the new course, quickly watch the content to the point where you stopped in your current course, and proceed at regular speed from that point on.
  • Skip to the relevant schedule.
  • Read more discussion about the SL2 course here.

If you do have more time and money to spend, you should invest in our more advanced masterclass instead.  The masterclass is not bound to Udemy limitations, so it includes tons of bonus materials, and we are adding to it all the time.

Alternatively, you may prefer to invest in 1:1 Skype lessons with Anna or group coaching we will be offering in 2016.

We are committed to your success and will keep releasing new and helpful content.


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2 Replies to “Superlearner 2.0 course”

  1. Dear Dr Lev,

    Thank you for the wonderful education and creation. I bought SUPERLEARNER 2.0 without knowing about Learning + Productivity Bund. Can you assist to advice if there is any upgrade package?


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