Why Projects Fail & The Role of Project Managers

A project has so many moving parts that it can be easy for things to go wrong. The role of a project manager in any project is to ensure every bit of a project is running as planned but this is far from an easy job. This infographic from Trainwest takes you through why projects fail and the vital role a project manager has in ensuring sure everything rungs smoothly.
It seems that no matter how carefully a project is run, some will always fail and only 2.5% of companies manage to successfully complete 100% of projects. It’s interesting that 57% of project fail due to a breakdown in communications.
It is the project manager who is in charge of ensuring that the entire project team communicates well for the duration of the project. Being a good project manager encompasses a variety of different skills. For example, conflict management is a vital role for any project manager. They need to ensure that situations are dealt with in a timely manner before drastic action is needed.
Project managers must ensure to keep the entire team motivated. Employees don’t always just do a job because they are told so it is important to make it clear the value of completing the project and reward the team for a job well done. Find out more in the infographic.

This post and the infographic below were unchanged, and provided by Philip Boschman, the marketing manager at Trainwest, a provider of high quality training courses in Perth, Australia

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