Path to mastery

All learning follows 4 basic stages. The four steps to mastery also apply to superlearning.

1. Unconscious Incompetency. This is the phase most people begin from. Typically people read at 200wpm 30% retention and feel good about it. After years of miseducation people either do not believe they can improve or do not want to work hard to achieve the improvement. If you read this post, probably this step is behind you and you actively work to improve yourself.

2. Conscious Incometency. Unless you graduated the course 1000wpm 80% retention, this is your situation right now. You are strongly aware of all your mistakes and challenges you need to overcome. You strugle every step of the way as you get closer to your goal. If you meet unsurpassable obstacle, you are probably doing something wrong – contact us for assistance.

3. Conscious Competency. For several years after graduation, we are mindful of the way we read and remember, measure both speed and retention. Jonathan contacts me from time to time complaining on dropping reading speed or boasting rising retention. These phenomenas are cyclic – we loose some and we gain some. Just do not stop reading.

4. Unconscious Competency. I am not really aware how I read and remember. Most of it is subliminal. When teaching I try to remember what I used to do several years ago. I did not measure my reading speed or retention for years. I know that after I read near someone, the person pays as much as it takes for 1:1 with Anna, so I must be doing something right.

Every day I learn something new, so by far I am not a master yet….

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