How to Combine Several Part-Time Jobs?

Managing several part-time jobs is a complex task. Honestly, I think it is much easier to hold at least one full-time jobs. If you are sufficiently productive, creative and ambitious you might be able to handle several jobs, as long as you are honest to your employees about it.  I might someday share my own experiences. In the meanwhile, you are welcome to enjoy some clever writing of author of this article Brandon Stanley , who also had to handle this tricky situation more than once.

As the work market and various industries evolved, we came to meet one of their most useful perks – part-time jobs. Without a full workload, people can commit to either their education or another line of work that fascinates them.

Part-time jobs have been great for integrating teenagers into the work market and preparing them for both the benefits and perils of having a full-time job. The advantages that part-time jobs add to our lives, there is one major conundrum. How does one combine multiple part-time jobs?

For financial or educational reasons, people often want to work multiple part-time jobs. While it is a great and ambitious idea, it can backfire very quickly. Organizational problems, damaged health, poor performances and more can result from a lousy job disposition.

Combining two or more part-time jobs is neither difficult nor impossible. Achieving this is possible only if you think out of the box and are willing to analyze your obligations and tasks thoroughly. Let’s take a look.

Make sure they are always at different times

Applying for two part-time jobs can be enticing, but schedule problems are bound to arise. Before applying for any of the two, make sure that you are always available to combine them.

Depending on how many days you work, you will have different amounts of space to maneuver. If you don’t have any problems with staying up at night, working a night shift is a good choice. Not only will you be able to relax without traffic, but you can have extra time.

Picking jobs that coincide with another will create unnecessary stress. To be fit for working two jobs, you need to have both a clear head and a precise schedule. If you worry about which days you have to run from one to another, your life quality will drop.

Don’t be irresponsible when it comes to picking part-time jobs. While it may be more lucrative, a multitude of jobs may only cause more harm than benefits.

Be smart about it and learn to say no to even the most lucrative offers if the time is not compatible. Adding more things to your schedule backfires more often than not. Allocating your work time properly will result in better productivity at every workplace your frequent.

Sometimes, more is less. If you’re in need of money, it might be hard to admit to yourself that you can’t accomplish everything.

Always pick what’s best for your health and schedule. A single part-time job is better than multiple high-paying ones that coincide. Working too hard and spending excess energy will impact your health negatively and have long-term consequences.

When I went to college, I tried working at a café and a call center at the same time. While I had more money than my friends, the sleep deprivation and constant running did more harm than good. Please, don’t be greedy – your health is a priority.

Get different ones

Before applying for a job or jobs, keep in mind that you’re going to have to that every day for an extended period. Regular jobs are not to be applied for if you’re not really into the profession, but the same works for part-time ones.

Having two jobs that are the same creates a lot of damage in your schedule and in your psyche. Although the money makes it seem like a good idea, doing monotonous work can put a strain on your mood, health, and general work performance.

To entropy, you should get two completely different jobs that have little or no connection to one another. Translation and being a waiter, working for a moving agency and teaching English online – these two pairs are a good example of what we’re saying.

Two jobs that involve serving people can tire you. Two jobs that are desk-based can get you to lose your mind because of boredom. Avoiding these negative emotions is easy, you just have to be responsible.

My best experience was when I juggled content writing and pizza delivery. While I was tired from all the driving around town, sitting down and writing pieces relaxed me even further. Combination is everything, people.

Juggling jobs can be a challenging sequence of your life, not a burden. Monotony will impact everything negatively, so you have to think ahead and be smart with your choices when it comes to the choice of work. While this psychological effect is immense, there is more to it.

“Combining two different part-time jobs is not just to avoid monotony,” explains Wesley Jordan, a senior editor at Essay UK. “Self-improvement is also a big factor. By having to do something completely different, your brain will be more motivated to acquire new information. A direct result will be an increased amount of excitement.”

But don’t cross them off your list if they’re compatible

No, this is not a contradiction per se; it is more of an indication that you should keep your eyes on advancement first and foremost. Having the salary as a priority only motivates you into making bad decisions because of greed.

Even if two jobs are similar, think of combining them if they can help you be better at each. For instance, translation and content writing are a great combination because they rely on one another. By translating more, you will have a better vocabulary you can use while writing, and vice-versa.

Chances are you will only be working those jobs for a limited amount of time. Why not use that limited time to gain some valuable knowledge that you can use in the future? Even if jobs are temporary, you should pick them based on what they provide for you intellectually.

The best way to enhance your knowledge is to have two jobs that rely on one another. It might seem like a challenge to do two different part-time jobs, but it’s useful. In both workplaces, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself. As advancement in both jobs will eventually come, you will have more money and more knowledge at the same time.

If you can’t find such a pair of jobs, get one that interests you and you’re bound to meet people in the same industry. Believe it or not, in most cases, basic networking at a workplace is all you need to find another job.

Make sure your schedule is consistent

Consistency saves energy. By not having to think about switching times and shifts, you will be able to focus all your mental power on doing every part-time job better. While we may be habitual to being under constant stress, it’s one of the main hinderers of work performance and productivity.

My friend from college, for example, obliged to work two jobs that had constantly changing shifts. He didn’t know in advance when he was going to work and that damaged his grades and social life. If an employer doesn’t have the common courtesy to respect your time, they don’t deserve your work.

Mental clarity is crucial when approaching a task. This privilege increases your chances of getting the job done right and even getting a promotion.

Nothing beats having to get up and do the same routine every day. Repeating tasks over and over, albeit different ones, will get you one step closer to proficiency in every part-time job you do.

Combining them isn’t easy, but you can gain valuable energy by having a consistent schedule. Simply put, you will have less to think and worry about. However, this is not the only benefit of a consistent schedule.

Sleeping quality is directly enhanced by having a stable, constant sleep routine. Every organism function on habit and cellular memory. If you wake up at different times every day, your organism will spend much more energy on adapting to the schedule than actually being fit for work.

Having a consistent part-time job schedule will improve your sleep and allow you to reach peak performance. An inner alarm will eventually form in your body, urging you to be better but without using more energy. Science is important when approaching your daily life schedule.

Be honest with your employers

Just because you’re not a high-ranking employee, doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. Every employee should have the same rights, both part-time employed students and CEOs. A major reason of failed part-time job combinations is, believe it or not, fear.

Most employees think that they are too expendable just because they are working on a part-time basis. As a direct result of this, they hide their other jobs from their bosses and colleagues. Don’t do this.

Firing or pressuring someone just because they have another job is unconstitutional and illegal. No boss can do this. Aside from the illegality of such a move, why not have more faith in bosses?

At the very first interview, you should say you have another job. Just don’t make yourself sound demanding or over-confident. Put it in a way that indicates that you are a versatile person, as well as ambitious and hungry for knowledge.

In a vast majority of cases, bosses understand. Think about it. Just because they are at a high position, doesn’t mean that they don’t know that one part-time job isn’t always enough.

By being honest, you can earn favors and understanding just because you have a more difficult schedule than most people. Also, people like when they know they can be trusted. Such positive gestures are useful for establishing stable business relationships.

To conclude

Balancing multiple part-time jobs can be a great experience, decision, and gain in just about every way. The only thing you have to do is be patient and analyze the situation. Working two jobs that are the same is a bad idea, but don’t deny yourself opportunities. If two or more jobs aid you in each other, you can use it later in your career. Honesty is valued, especially if you are consistent in all jobs.

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Brandon Stanley is fond of writing and everything connected with digital marketing, SEO and human resources. He is a professional journalist, speechwriter, and editor. Brandon finds his inspiration in music and writing. Meet him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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