High-level visualization

When you learn visual markers you also learn visualization skills. At the beginning the visualization is weak, good enough to produce schematic objects, then the objects become alive highly detailed and animated, until finally you can imagine whole landscapes. The skill of imagining in great details whole landscapes is very valuable. If you love fantasy/sci-fi […]

“Colouring” the text you read

Sometimes the text I read is heterogeneous and addresses the issues from many points. To keep track of various perspective I “colour” the text according to the dominant perspective of each paragraph.  I try to follow the “colours” in the visualization themes and I try to be capable to reproduce the article photographically with “colour” […]

Analytical skills and superlearning

When teaching the advanced material of high-level visualization we put a great emphasis on analytical skills.  This skill is required to eliminate introduction of false knowledge. False knowledge is generated when we build inaccurate markers not supported by text. We teach to eliminate false markers only after the students can generate and replace visualiations without […]

Mindfulness and superlearning wisdom

While superlearning ultimately is a way to gather knowledge, it is not the way to generate wisdom. In one of the future posts we will describe information vs knowledge vs wisdom, but for now we just say that wisdom is a way of using knowledge properly. In fact it is very much alike the difference […]

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