Creative training vs grit

When we discuss superlearning training we emphasize two elements: creativity and determination. Both are necessary and supplement each other quite nicely. Our students are expected to do some computer training ~30 min per day and some reading for at least 60 min a day. After finishing the course the computer training is no longer required, […]

Marker dictionary

Occasionally you will need to make a marker dictionary. This method is typically required for medical and legal students, because the terms they use may be so abstract and complex that no reasonable markers can be created spontaneously. To some extent, large quantity of number memorization (via major system/PAO) or memorization of foreign words (via […]

Study group collaboration secrets

Study groups are a great way to learn new things and train the skills with other people. Study groups are also notoriously unproductive, unless they function properly. This article outlines some rules for successful collaboration, which we would like to explore. Respect diversity. A typical study group will be very diversified. There will be charismatic […]

Team building – rebels needed

When we started our mastermind project, accountability group was one of our key offerings. How did we build our groups? Based on common time zone, interests etc. And we failed: the groups did not become magnets of learning and motivation generators. True team-building is a complex task, which we cannot handle from our mail accounts. […]

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