4 Breathing Exercises That Can Increase Your Learning Potential

Occasionally we invite guest writers to contribute to our blog. Today it is my privilege to introduce an article by Helen Sanders from healthambition.com. The healthambition blog is full of useful materials and we hope to strengthen our cooperation in the future. If you have questions to Helen or want to invite additional articles please write to […]

Happiness is the secret sauce of productivity

To be truly productive you do not have to test the limits of your willpower, but rather try to stay happy. This advice may look counterintuitive at first, after all, we remember the “no pain no gain” saying. It does converge with “follow your passion” guideline, yet so many passionate people burn out. So what […]

Is there such as thing as too many ideas?

There is such a thing as having too many ideas. In the world of business and entrepreneurship there is an analysis procedure just for this sort of things. You could analyze risks and benefits, business environment, your ability to execute each idea and choose to focus on the best overall prospect. When you treat yourself […]

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