Speed is the new intelligence

This great post by Dilbert creator argues that speed is the new intelligence. Is that really true? The intelligence discussed by Scott Adams has to do with common sense and big numbers. Technology facilitate access to people, ability to generate and test ideas, access to supporting information and knowledge. Simply by using information technology properly […]

Career boosting mindset

Following simple rules may boost your career and improve your chances for success. While gaining superlearning experience, we follow the same rules. See for yourself: Courage over fear. Choosing the way of superlearning requires some courage. While there are dedicated teachers and many students have reached their goals, there are no guarantees that you will […]

Doodling at school and at work will boost your productivity

Once in a while we write about doodling (or freestyle annotation) and its benefits. Students drawing in their papers where mistreated by generations of teachers. They were asked to focus, to stop fooling around and to listen to the teachers. However, the human spirit is stronger than education fashions, and student persistently doodled in school […]

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