How Does Organic Marketing Enhance SERPs?

Organic Marketing is a medium which allows you to gather a natural audience. An organic traffic is one which comes to your site without any paid promotion. Organic Marketing is the primary source for gathering an audience and increasing online presence for many online marketers.

On the other hand, SERPs are Search Engine Result Pages. These are the list of websites shown to a user in response to their query in a search engine. These lists or pages are how one discovers a website online. Sure, there are other sources of discovery as well, but an SERP is the main one.

In today’s article, we will show you how these two (Organic Marketing and SERP) complement each other. If you improve your organic marketing strategy, it will automatically improve your site’s performance in the SERPs. Let’s discuss this point in a bit more detail.

Relation between Organic Marketing and SERPs

When you make a search online, you see hundreds of thousand of results in the search engine. You evaluate some of these results and click on one of them based on relevancy. When you do this, you are organically visiting a site.

No one forced you to click on that particular website. You clicked on it because you thought it would solve your problem. If you pay attention, you can notice the correlation between organic marketing and SERPs.

What we mean is that search engine results pages are the main sources of organic traffic. So, when you are forming an organic traffic-gathering strategy, your main focus should be to optimize for SERPs. The benefits of doing this are explained in detail below.

Benefits of Organic Marketing for SERP

When you optimize your site for SERPs or utilize organic marketing, you will enjoy the following benefits.

1.     Increased Visibility

Your first goal as an online marketer is to make your website as visible as possible. If you use organic marketing for this, you can gather a decent number of users. However, you will have to apply intricate SEO techniques for this.

If you successfully get an organic audience, the search engine might notice it. As a result of this, the search engine pushes up the position of your site in the SERP. In this way, you are able to grow progressively and gain even more traffic.

2.     Improved Credibility and Authoritativeness

Organic traffic is highly valuable for your online business. But another benefit of this is considered valuable by the search engine as well. The search engine knows that you didn’t use paid promotions to get this traffic. They are coming to you on their own.

How Does Organic Marketing Enhance SERPs?

As a result, your site starts to pop-up more often in search result pages for different keywords. This forms a network of traffic funneling sources. This contributes to building an authoritative image of your site. However, this authoritativeness can not be gained simply if you have a lot of traffic.

There are other factors as well. For example, your site visitors should spend a decent amount of time on your website. So, providing valuable content for those visitors is crucial for retained SERP performance.

3.     Long-Term Traffic Benefits

Just like we mentioned right now, retained benefits or long-term benefits are important too. You don’t just want to be on a high spot in SERP for a day or two. You want to stay on that position or improve it even further.

Once again, organic marketing is used for this. If users come to you naturally, there is a high chance that they are interested in what you have to offer. If you provide such a user with exceptional user experience and informative content, that first-time visitor might become a long-term user.

So, to increase the chances of such visits, your organic marketing strategy should be to rank higher in results. If that happens, you can enjoy the long-term benefits explained above.

Tips to Implement Organic Marketing

Until now, we have only told you how organic marketing can improve SERP ranking and its benefits. Here we will show you some basic tips to apply this type of organic marketing. This is a very detailed topic, but still, we will show you some basic tip to get started:

  • Write Blogs about yourself or your products to help the users to get to know you.
  • Utilize guest posts and build a strong backlink network.
  • Use original content only. Also, avoid unintentional plagiarism by inserting your content into a plagiarism checker.
  • Build a smooth-functioning website.
  • Utilize other marketing mediums such as email and social media. This will increase your audience and improve your SERP position.
  • Use all forms of content to connect with users (text, images, videos).
  • Interlink the webpages of your own website to get users to stay on your site.

These are some of the basic organic marketing strategies that you can apply to enhance your SERP standing. If you want further details about this, click here to read an extensive article.


By now, you should know that organic marketing complements SERP. This benefits the SEO strategy of a business as a whole. In other words, if your organic marketing efforts successfully enhance your SERP performance, your online business or website will flourish. So, in order to enjoy such benefits, you should start working on creating an effective organic marketing plan.

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