Dealing With The Mid Career Crisis

Are your dreams turning into regrets? Somehow, this is a relatable situation for many. The fantasy which you create for your job eventually ends up into the disappointment and you keep wondering why. Well, there could be many reasons which transform your high notes into the lowest one. The job, about which you used to dream once, gradually turns into the worst nightmare. Do you know? Technically we call this thing ‘mid-career crises.

Today’s guest post by Anthony Anson touches many of us.  Maybe the proposed solutions are as simplistic as band-aids,  but they definitely touch some sensitive skin. I personally enjoyed reading this article, and I believe so will you.

Not necessarily, the thing which takes enthusiastic and good start ends in good terms too. Sometimes, the paths twist its turns and start following the unexpected horizons. No matter how much you love your job there are certain things which eventually make you feel low and discouraged.

Well, don’t be irritated. You are not alone in this race of frustration. Many people are going through the same. If you want to enhance your productivity without switching your job then I can help you. Let me tell you how you can deal with a mid-career crisis without taking your footsteps out from your workplace.

But, first, you need to brainstorm and figure out what is that thing which makes things difficult for you. Let me share my story as an example for you. Back in the year, I used to work in one of the best essay writing services, in the UK. You might not believe but, for me, it was a dream job. My passion for writing and patterning my thoughts into words is something that I used to dream of since my childhood days.

Witnessing your dreams, becoming true for real is one of the most amazing feelings one can have. Guess what? For me, it wasn’t! Yes, you heard right. The environment and the attitude of co-workers were beyond the expectations (of course, negatively). Well, if you think I didn’t try to adjust then no, I did! But some things could never be accepted nor be changed. Anyways, I successfully identified the root cause of my mid-career crisis and eliminated it successfully. Are you ready to find yours?

I will reveal some tricks with which you can easily deal with your mid-career crisis. It’s your job to spot out the cause and implement the trick on it.


Instead of a job, change your routine 

There is one fact which we ignore completely and that is- we are human! Yes, we engage ourselves too much with official responsibilities that we unintentionally start living the life of the robot. If not you, at least your mind needs a change. For this, you need to change your routine, plan a movie night, walk miles with your friends, go for a long drive or do anything which can refresh your mind and can give it a rejuvenated boost

By the way, going on a week or a day trip could be the best option too. Many times, people feel hesitated to take requests for leaves and I wonder why. Your annual leaves count in the right of the employee, then why you feel hesitated to avail them.

So, before you take an impulsive decision of changing your job, first try to change your routine and give yourself a space to get revitalized.


Make one-on-one session with YOURSELF 

It’s your mirror-my time. Oh no, please don’t think that we are planning a spa saloon day. No no, it’s asking yourself a few questions. To figure the thing, you need to evaluate each aspect keenly. Pen down the things which you thing have changed in a month or days. Remember all the activities and actions which worked as a factor of motivation for you.

Let’s suppose if you an athlete person and used to go to your academy after office. Have you stopped yet? Because an immense pressure of work demands more of your time due to which you started skipping your gaming zone. Now you got a clear picture? This is how you need to explore your past and need to search out the things which once used to be a part of your life.

Just be confident to dig out the truth. Ask yourself what are those things which impact on your motivation. Sit and talk with, yourself!


It’s time to look for the purpose 

Just like there is a purpose for everything similarly, there should be a purpose of doing a job too. Well, if you are about to say ‘to earn’ then please don’t. Obvious things could never be a purpose and this thing is quite difficult to understand. Don’t confuse with reason and motive; these are the two different things. Ok, so making money is the most common reason let’s talk about the motive now.

If I ask you about the contribution you make at your workplace and give you an option to rate yourself out of ten, how much you will do? Oh yes, this sounds too rude but making a critical analysis is a must-to-have thing. Please don’t hesitate, tell me can you see the growing opportunities? If yes, continue your job and start looking for purpose. But, in case if it is no, then it’s time to look for a new job.

Once you are successful to find the motive of your job then it will become easy for you to decide whether you need a new job or the purpose.


Set targets  

This is the most crucial element! Without setting targets, you couldn’t figure out where to move. To lead toward success, it is necessary to twist your pathways accordingly. This is not just for a professional career, even in your student life; you are supposed to set targets, in sequence to achieve your goals. Like if you aim to get your name on top of Assignment Ace’ list or whether want to score high, just set your targets first.

Similarly, in professional life, you need to set some boundaries as well. By the way, we are not talking about the boundaries of limit. It’s about your future target. Of course, you will not stand on the same verge for long, you need to move and fly high. Do you have any plans for this? No one would be promoting you on the position of manager until or unless you start proving your ability accordingly.

So, if you haven’t started broadening your vision start it from today. For example, If you are a salesperson then set a target of per day sale.


Switch your designation for one day 

You know what? The human brain love experiencing changes, be it in terms of anything. You might have tried many things to boost the mechanism of your brain and it worked! It worked in all situations except for your workplace. Ever thought why? Because your mind is the need for new things, not the new routine. These are the two different things; changing your occupation and routine.

Feel free to request your boss for a day exchange. This is an obvious thing that you have expertise on one thing only, but not having expertise on other tasks doesn’t signify that you are completely unable to perform it. You can do it! Just be brave to take a step for one day. Your co-worker is stuck with a problem? Cool! Offer him a supporting hand, this way you can feed your mind with a new thing and it can help in enhancing your productivity as well.

By the way, in case, if you don’t know then let me tell you that many organizations practice this one-day designation exchanging technique, just to boost the performance level or employees and to provide them a new atmosphere.


It’s your take

Now, the time has come that you should take your move! Read each suggestion thoroughly and try to relate it with your scenario. Don’t forget to apply the formulas, because, without the implication of them, you will be unable to fix the mid-career bugs. Besides all of this, first and foremost- relax!

Author Bio

Anthony Anson is a Brand Manager at a leading IT company. He focuses on ensuring a productive relationship between the customers and the company. His expertise extends from writing on Business Management to work ethics and marketing strategies.


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