Go find momo

Some of the best training exercises are quite unexpected. When we speedread and when we generate details on our markers it is important to have accurate visual perception. To have such perception, one can train finding objects in images. There are many hidden objects games. I used to play for months before my speedreading became […]

Controlling dimensionality of your markers

When we discuss “visual markers” we address some objects that can be processed by the right hemisphere of one’s brain. In fact the distinction between the “left brain” and the “right brain” is not very clear, and visual markers take many forms. By controlling the dimensionality of your visualization you control a complex trade-off between […]

Playful aspects of making markers

Some of our students are extremely driven and focused. Generally these are excellent qualities for superlearner. Unfortunately some of the playful aspects of marker creation require “letting go”. You cannot afford perfectionism when you read at 1000wpm. You should not remake markers when you use high-level visualization or “cartoon” method. You do need crazy stunts […]

How long does it take to generate a marker: discussion.

In the previous post we described some theoretical aspects related to  speed of generation and linking visual markers. Here I want to dive in into some interesting conversations on the subject.   Scientist007 : A problem with using markers. Now the use of markers can be used anywhere, anytime, with anything. However, I have problem […]

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