Superlearning for programmers: algorithm development

My first job was database administrator. My second job was an RF engineer. My third job (back in 1999) was under title “algorithm developer”, and that was the first job I really loved. Since then I have been algorithm developer/CTO on and off, dealing with computer vision, image procession, machine learning, financial mathematics, semantic processing, […]

5 Practical Applications of Your SuperLearner Abilities

Perhaps one of the most interesting and common little “issues” I think about with a lot of SuperLearning skills is the issue of usability. Indeed, some of the most skilled and advanced SuperLearners (and also the most famous, after the publication of Joshua Foer’s bestselling book Moonwalking with Einstein) out there are the competitors in […]

Prereading and reading tactics

We are strong proponents of pre-reading, yet the issue is only briefly mentioned in our course. There is a good reason for it. There is no one good prereading strategy, but several recommended strategies for various scenarios. Instead of discussing various pros and cons I will describe “a day in my life”. My days are […]

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