Do mental math

Read about Trachtenberg system for mental math. Now choose a random number. Start with 5 digits, with time try to upgrade to longer numbers. Do mental computations. Expected effects: faster and better working memory access, improvement of mathematical tasks. No program or tools required: everything can be done in your head. Beginner level Multiply by […]

For programmers: UI and front end

Front end and user interface design appear to be the easiest part of the programming problems, but they tend to become very complex if not executed properly. This activity requires discipline, visualization and memory. While the tips below may help they are in no way a replacement for experience, imagination, aesthetic vision and psychological insight […]

For programmers: tips for functional programming

When we are talking about functional programming, we are talking about speed, efficiency and cross-platform support. Functional code is very close to machine language. It may use intrinsics of the processor, GPU code, SSE/Neon optimization, and lots of pointers. I love functional programming for its purity and no-nonsense approach. Functional programming may be dangerous and […]

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