Eidetic learning through observation

Many scientific discoveries have been found through luck and attention to details.  Probably 80% of debugging any programmist performs involves attention to details. Good user interface and graphical design require immense attention  to details. Ability to observe minor changes and make good and quick decision is important in all human endeavors I can think of, […]

Memory challenges

The top ranking memory champion recommends this memory sites for everybody willing to become memory sportsman. One of the coolest features of the site is a list on memory challanges. Unlike technical memory exercises, these mental challenges are packed with useful information. If you are premed student or want-to-be memory sportsman and want to check […]

Saccades, skimming and scanning

While the basic reading technique includes saccades, not everybody is sufficiently comfortable with saccading eye motion. There is a large amount of literature of scanning and skimming for specific purposes as complementary to reading. Specifically you can use both skimming and scanning for prereading, but also you can use the characteristic eye motion of skimming […]

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